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By: Noah Inhofer (29) - Ignore user

On: May 14, 2006 | 4:09 PM

I am glad every one is posting their opinions. I know when I left that there would be people who would view me as a coward and that others would view me as a hero. That's just the way the world works. To those who really believe in something, keep believing, it is so worth it. And to shed a little more light on the subject, my girl was writing letters the whole time, she wanted me to have a stack of letters when the show got over and I was able to receive them. She said that she was just putting her thoughts down and sending them to help her cope with me not being around. Heres were the danger of a reality show comes in. The producers decided to just give me one letter to stir me up. I didn't know there were more letters with happier tons in them. Ya I know it sucks but that's the way things turned out. To those of you who don't understand and are leaving negative feedback on an already negative subject way to voice your opinion. To those of you who truly support me, I really appreciate it and not a day goes by were I don't think of my fans, it is ultimately your voices that will sway the UFC to see if I will fight again. So please do your best to stir **** up.

So they read your letters?! How else did they know which one had the potential to make you quit?

Not only they read the letters, they totally manipulated the whole situation by picking one 'bad' letter to get a rise out of Noah, and withholding the rest of the letters so that he doesn't get the context.

All of this manipulative, unethical plotting because they thought it would make for better TV than having a fight. Wrong! F*CKING WORST EPISODE EVER. At least in the TUF1 no-fight episode Leben put his fist through the glass and broke the door down. That was something.

So now, even Noah is regretting his own decision, but he's trying to scapegoat TUF for it? Did they also tell him to say that whatever his girlfriend said in the letter was as important as a death in the family?

Please keep posting Girljock, but I think you're way off base, here's how I see it.

"The producers decided to just give me one letter to stir me up. I didn't know there were more letters with happier tons (sic) in them. Ya I know it sucks but that's the way things turned out."

-- NI (according to the op)

To me that infers that the gf sent a bunch of letters (which he only found out she had written when he returned) most of which were happy / supportive / whatever. I presume he meant tone, not tons. If the quote is true, it sounds like the producers of the show only gave him the one that we saw him receive - none of the others. That pretty much infers that they were screening his mail.

Why would they do that? It was almost certainly in the contract that all outside comm to them would be screened so as to ensure the most isolated intensive situation they could. (Hence the big manila envelope without any postmarks. No conspiracy at all.)

Definitely unethical of UFC to pick and choose which letters to forward. No question. But, within their rights, as far as I can see. The UFC may have decided to hold all the non-important letters, but then receiving the one that showed their might be a relationship problem they may have felt compassion (not sneakiness) in giving him that one. (Of course the drama generation capacity must have been obvious as well, but don't assume conspiracy.) IMO they should have given all of them at once.

Why isn't NI upset? Because he's not stupid, he agreed to the contract and any intelligent person would realize that. He isn't stirring conspiracy in my opinion.

Do I think he should have left? No I don't. I respect his belief and conviction. Same as I do people who believe in god, but they're idiots too. Bottom line is respect the guy for going after what he wanted ... turns out that TUF was a lower priority than his relationship.

Nobody but NI and UFC knows the exact situation. Given what the OP relayed from NI, if it's true, I feel bad for the kid, and feel that the UFC acted unethically, and NI is being as respectfull (admirably) as he can in telling his side.

Give the kid a break.

You know, Ed and some of the other guys on the show were stressing out about their girlfriends, too, but I can practically guarantee that if he or any of the other guys who really cared about their fighting career had been given the same letter, their response would have been something like, "I'm going to use this as fuel to fight even harder." (Ok, then maybe they would have broken some stuff in the house.) That's the difference between people who are dedicated and people who are not.

"I think we need to know more FACTS. "

EXACTLY. Which is what I've been saying since this all happened.

Do I agree with what Noah did? No, not with the information I presently have.

Do I think there might be more to it than any of us know? Most definately.

So, I'll reserve my final opinion until I know all the facts.

"I know when I left that there would be people who would view me as a
coward and that others would view me as a hero."

LOL. Is this guy for real? A hero? 9-11 fire fighters, yes. Soldiers in Iraq,
yes. Guy who quits reality show to be with his girl, not so much.

im not sure if there was an envelope in the envelope and i do have TIVO On the outside of the yellow envelope it said NOAH Unless the adress was on the other side it was adressed.Id have opened the letter right there on the spot.Maybe they told him not to ? But Im pretty sure most would have opened it immediately fearing someone might of died or something

I'm going to first say i don't agree with what Noah did, but i think some people really are being ridiculous. Girljock, imagine this, we're on opposite sides of another issue.

At the end of the episode, when Noah is taking the pictures off the wall, you can see that they blurred out his girlfriend's face. The same technology can apply to covering the address on a letter. There was no address on the envelope and no stamp so obviously it wasn't the original. If you read the he says/he says on Spike TV's site, both Forrest and Bonnar say why was he able to receive mail. I've talked to two other people who were on the show and both said the same thing... No mail. Do you really think is was by chance that the one piece of mail that one fighter receives was a letter from his girl saying that she thought he was cheating on her? Gimme a break.

You don't see UFC putting out any facts on it, so Noah's side is the only part of the story that we're getting. UFC doesn't care really... they wanted drama, they got drama... mission accomplished. The consensus opinion is that the letter was given to stir up a reaction... they got one. They wanted people talking... once again, mission accomplished.

You don't have to admire him... I don't think he really cares. I'm so tired about reading the whole he took a spot from someone crap. HE earned the spot on the show... HE submitted Shamrock's first pick in the first Round. HE made a decision about HIS life and career.

For all of the shit people are talking, I've seen athletes do a whole lot worse than this. He weighed his priorities and made a decision. It doesn't matter if people support him or not... for us it's a few weeks of internet conversation, for him, it's a lifetime.

Last point. I've seen 100x's on the board that people talk that he's only been with the girl for 6 months. Question for most of you out there who are married... how long were you dating your significant others before you knew they were the one? I know for most, it's a hell of a lot less than six months.

Go back to discussing Kerr conspiracy theories with Cindy. Noah doesn't deserve this bullshit.

I hope nobody slamming Inhofer has ever done anything that others considered monumentally stupid for a chick/dude. If you have, stop throwing stones.

"how long were you dating your significant others before you knew they
were the one? I know for most, it's a hell of a lot less than six months."

4 years. And I'd toss the ring if she asked me to give up my dreams.

I can sum Noah up in one word:


But to extrapolate. I have nothing but contempt for a guy who gives up on his dreams because of a woman. If one guy does it, than all the chicks start to expect it. Pretty soon they want you home by 2am. Cunts.

Never heard a single fighter on the show say that mail got screened... Everyone has said the same thing... They did NOT receive any mail. Honestly, why do you think the mystery letter slipped thru?

"Maybe it was for confidentiality so the gym staff would't see the addy. I know they supposedly can't get mail....that's why I think it was marked "emergency". How else could it get thru. Did forrest and bonnar say they screen the mail? Did you friends say they screen the mail? reason to...cause it doesn't get to the fighters...unless of's marked emergency. Ask your friends about that....I'm curious."

You honestly think they'd just allow any mail through that said 'emergency' without looking at it? If that was the case everyone would have their loved ones coming up with new emergencies every week. Plus, everyone has a different concept of what an emergency is, so just having people mark it on the letter in order to allow it through would be ridiculously stupid. There is virtually no chance that they didn't read that letter before delivering it. Whether it was marked emergency or not has nothing to do with it. As for your 'no reason to screen mail' argument, it makes no sense. Any contact with the fighters would be monitored. Even though the fighters are supposed to be totally isolated, in the event of a real emergency they'd surely be allowed contact. But nobody would know the scope of any potential emergency if they didn't monitor any attempts to contact the fighters.

You can argue for or against Noah's decision (I thought it was totally ridiculous), but logic dictates that the letter was almost surely read by the producers before it was delivered.

I believe that they do screen mail because there could be an emergency in which case they would make exceptions.

The screener looked at it, and it obviously had a sense of urgency over it, and it also was in a form that Noah responded to. And it didn't contain anything "spoiler wise". It didn't contain anything about what Ken was doing, if someone was manipulating him, a strategy profile given by a future opponent etc.

I don't think that they even for a moment considered the possibility that he'd might leave, they just wanted to add to the drama within the house. And Bisping just made a comment about being anxious that his lady was mad with him.

This is not advanced rocket science, guys.

I think Noah made the wrong decision, and I don't think he's a hero. But he was TOTALLY manipulated. It blew up in Dana White's face. If he was good enough to earn a spot on the show, then he was good enough to be treated with a minimal level of respect by the producers -- which he was not.

I thought his fight against Jesse was pretty decent. Don't know if he's UFC caliber or not, but I for one would like to see him fight again, maybe at the finals like they did in TUF 1.

"...he was TOTALLY manipulated. It blew up in Dana White's face."

Agree (from what I can guess of the facts) Noah was manipulated. Disagree it blew up in Dana's face. Fact is, it generated more publicity (negative or positive doesn't matter) than any other single event on TUF3 so far.

Remember New Coke?

So if Dana and the UFC profited from Noah's departure, that's all the more reason to give the guy a shot at a UFC fight during the finals, like in TUF 1.

"So if Dana and the UFC profited from Noah's departure, that's all the more reason to give the guy a shot at a UFC fight during the finals, like in TUF 1."

While I wouldn't bet on it, at the same time, it wouldn't surprise me to see Noah again.

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