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Micah Miller Poised to Climb the WEC Featherweight Rankings

"Micah Miller's first glimpse of mixed martial arts didn't leave the youngster with a very good impression. Most fighters describe an instant infatuation with the sport, but Miller - perhaps too young to appreciate the skills of Royce Gracie and MMA's other pioneers - actually found the whole thing rather boring. "

Thanks DY


I thought this was a great interview.

I have an inside scoop on some real poop with micah!!!!! highest bidder gets the gold!!!

just kidding

or am I?????

thanks for reading LH

Good interview

 Micahs right, his diet is off the chain.


No prob, now I have some photos of that tough as nailz kid dancing,

I will start the bidding at ONE MILLLLLLION won


lol Lance. Thanks Heddy and OlSkool

No problem EC!

 I believe The fight between Micah and Mr. Swanson has the potential to be the fight of the night. There are obviously more experienced and more talented fighters on the card but these 2 guys are gonna bring it!

   I saw Micah the night before he left after his training session. We went to his crib and he ate a bowel of fresh salmon with all kinds of bright colored vegatibles.

    He was looking very lean, and very ready for Cub

 I can say this, Micah has the most incredible work ethic of anyone I know. He has the heart of a lion. He is very, very disciplined, he is loyal. He is a winner and I am proud to call him my friend as well as my son. Micah is a man, a man on a mission.




Good points OS

Olskool...please tell me that was typo. Surely he did not eat a "bowel of fresh salmon". I've heard of strict fighter diets, but that just seems gross....LOL

Good stuff on Micah. I'm excited for the fights tonight.

I hope this Miller kid wins today. I hate betting on the smaller events, but thought he was better than the even money odds out there in this bout.

Go Miller!

ttt for Micah

Can anyone post a video of Micah, ive never seen him fight.

War Micah!