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Mr. Freeman, I am writing you again after your last article about the UFC. You did take the time which I knew you would and post some the ignorant responses that you received. To me I think you did it to purposely get hits on your site. Every sport has Thugs watching it, what you received is the same kind of garbage that fans do across the board. Case example the USC/ UCLA football game, a man wearing a USC shirt comes out of the bathroom and gets beat up for wearing his shirt by UCLA fans. I could give you examples of this in every sport, bottom line is that you wrote that article knowing that you would get under the skin of those certain Thug Fans? and you loved every minute of it. Why didn't you post the intelligent responses to your first article? I would guess because in them they came up with great points in their responses and you didn't know how to respond because you do know about the sport.

As a writer or sports caster or analyst, it?s your job to be the good guy or bad guy in every one of your articles/columns. Hell, otherwise who is going to want to read them right? In this case you have succeeded at your job. Given that fact I have a question for you, if a fan of a new sport that you have criticized would want to have simple debate/conversation with you would you indulge that person? If so would you post it on your site and be unbiased about it? If so contact me back, I would love to be given the opportunity to shed some of my thoughts on your article and your over all perception of the spot of Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC and who knows maybe I could make you a fan a Combat Sport that involves so much more then just fist. If you are willing my email is, I look forward to your response Mr. Freeman. A MMA fan...

^ this what I wrote, I wonder if he would even respond to me because he would actually have to debate something he knows nothing about.

Write an inciteful article, which i would go as far as to say his was, and abuse like this will likely take place. There is no excuse for racism but im willing to bet that it constituted a tiny minority of the feedback he recieved. Write a similar article about any other major sport and you would get comments like that.

Funny he didn't post my intelligent and articulate letter. I guess something like that would be too hard for him to handle, an intelligent debate.

Remember guys the way to make the point is to contact his boss.


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