New MMA Game - Free to Play - Cash Prizes

So when you talk about upcoming fights with people, do you just predict who's going to win, or do go into detail on how you think the fight is actually going to go? If this is you, then why not put your statistic predictions in writing for free with the chance of winning cash prizes, MMA Apparel, and gear autographed by UFC Fighters.

The brand new game is being played at and below is an overview on how it is conducted:

How to Play:/o:p

We are breaking down the MMA world into 4 simple seasons (quarters):

Quarter 1: January - March /o:p

Quarter 2: April - June /o:p

Quarter 3: July - September

Quarter 4: October - December


During each season or quarter there will be at least 5 MMA events to sign a team up for. To sign up a team, click the drop down box on the top left of the home page of and pick an event for the current season (quarter). Here you will submit your team for that event. A complete team consists of 7 fighters per event that are placed in separate statistical categories that are listed below:/o:p

-Total Successful Strikes /o:p

-Successful Striking Percentage /o:p

-Total Successful Takedowns /o:p

-Flex Option - Knockdowns/Submission Attempts/Passes/Sweeps /o:p

-Total Time Standing /o:p

-Total Time on Ground /o:p

-Successful Striking Percentage /o:p

Predetermined point values are given to each statistic which can be found on the rules/scoring page tab on the website. These points are added up after each event which declares the rankings for that particular event. Teams need to be submitted under the same name for all events in the same season (quarter) in order for points to be totaled correctly.

Teams that are playing in the Season will be ranked on their top 3 event scores. So, if a team plays in 5+ events during the season, then only their top 3 scores throughout those 5 events will be accumulated into their final season score. Teams need to submit lineups for at least 3 events during a season to be considered for a season prize.  /o:p

Teams are completely free to submit. Cash prizes as well as MMA gear and apparel are awarded after each event and season. Check out the current event and season prizes on our
payouts page of the website. Why not add some more excitement to the fights and a little more cash in your wallet!

Current Season Prizes:

1st Place - $200

2nd Place - Voucher for a Bronze League (any sport) at

3rd Place - 11X17 Print from Evan Shoman's Art Collection (Signed by a Professional Athlete)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at