New MMA Online Radio Show Debut!!!


We at The Fight Factor would like to announce our MMA Online Radio Show. This show will Premiere on February 8th, at 7:00PM GMT-ET Time. This will be the first of many to come. Each show will play host to a special guest of which the first will be Bas Rutten, whom we will be interviewing live. In the weeks to come, we will be having Frank Shamrock on the 15th, and will announce each of our guest's weeks in advance. We invite you to be a part of this.

If you are looking to get out and get heard, advertising your events, looking to commercialize your products, or if your a fighter looking to be recognized, we can help. We will start in February with a 30 Minute show, but look to run an hour starting in March. We will then allow plenty of space for listener calls and advertisement. If you have comments or suggestions for the shows theme, or have questions for the fighters and guests we have on live. Please visit our Forums, as they will play host to your questions and input.

Anyone that has any events scheduled, please visit our enhanced website, and be sure to post them in our Events page. There is a 5year calendar for up and coming events. If you would like to advertise on our website, please visit our Contact's page to get a hold of us. Be sure and support our friends and sponsors, as they have greatly helped in the growth process.

We have just begun our web campaign, and plan to run it all year. Our goal is to provide a place for promoters to be get their events seen, fighters to get heard and recognized, and the fans to see and hear the sport of MMA close up. We have spent a large amount of time re-inventing our site and starting this MMA Radio show to accelerate the growth of MMA.

Be sure and visit our friends at ProKarateWeekly, and listen in on their MMA show, which runs on Wednesday nights. Their link is in our webpage. They will be playing a part in our future projects, and will be hosting a segment in our shows to come as well.

We again thank you for your continued support, and wish nothing more than to see the sport of Mix Martial Arts lifted into the ranks of Olympic status. The multitude of the great fans of this generation will see this happen.

Thank you,
Support The Sport!!!
The Fight Factor Team

Will check it out.

Fantastic, enjoy!!


sounds cool.


How many of you would like to see Dana White on our show? We are working on that now. There are alot questions that Im sure everyone is asking about, especially after last night.

Cool. We need all the advertising we can get. The more shows the merrier.

Sounds good. I think you should get Lee 'London Calling' Murray on your show.

I welcome it. We would love to hear from Murray's camp, we have been working on getting Tito for a month now(as everyone has), so having them on the same show might be a definate idea.


Sounds good.


We just added Randy Couture to our guests this Sunday, so this should make for a great first day out. Bas and Randy. Thats two class A fighters, we couldnt ask for more.



Will this be a weekend only show or daily?

Feb 8th so that's Sunday.

Yes, this will Broadcast Sunday evenings only. The registration page is up if you want to get that done early. Let us know your questions in our forums or comments to improve our show. We will do our best to be a fan's show.


Sounds cool. Good luck with it.


Me and Matt Hendey, technical support by Norm Smith.

Cheers in MMA