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 G4 - Top European MMA Promoters Join Forces
Date submitted: 26 June 2007
Author: Patrick Mooney
Four top European promoters today announced the formation of a new combined MMA production company called G4 Productions.
Martijn de Jong, Patrick Mooney, Marko Leisten and Augusto Frota have joined forces to create the first ever pan European MMA production Company. The new company G4 Productions, will now handle all of the  groups separate promotions marketing their events under one banner.
De Jong, Mooney, Leisten and Frota have control of many of Europe's top MMA shows including, Cage Wars, Ultimate Glory, Shooto and Finn Fight to name a few. This coming year will see G4 produce 16 shows across Europe and increase their live productions to 32 in the following year.
" G4 Productions is the first formation of it's kind in Europe" said Mooney " "we have been working together for several years on individual promotions and the opportunities this alliance now presents are incredible. Creating G4 Productions was the next logical step and it will allow us to develop our own productions and create exciting career options for up and coming fighters, who can now move across Europe in the various shows without having to deal with all the problems involved in doing so"
Martijn De Jong sees this as an incredible development for MMA in Europe " MMA has needed G4 for a long time, but as a developing sport it is very difficult to find people that you are comfortable working with and who enable you to have success in this arena. G4 Productions will deliver the top quality that is now needed to develop the worlds biggest growing sport in the European market".
Leisten who is also the ADCC rep for Europe was pleased to say "We will develop our brand of MMA and bring it to the far corners of Europe and the middle east. We have the unique luxury of placing our shows in either the Cage or the ring, so this allows us to move in any direction the MMA market requires".
Augusto Frota who is the Shooto Switzerland rep and a Brazilian Ju Jitsu black belt believes " Europe is ready for this, we all have our own big fan bases for our individual shows and by coming together G4 Productions can now create the first ever MMA conglomerate if you will, with more variation to offer fighters and fans alike, the real winner here is the sport of MMA"
G4 will release their live event schedule for the year over the next few weeks and it promises to deliver top quality shows featuring international fighters from all corners of the globe.
"We are going to expand the market for MMA by developing up and coming talent who are free to move between promotions and develop their fighting careers " said Mooney "G4 are not in direct competition with companies like UFC or Pride, we will be complimentary to the market and these organizations. New talent has to come from somewhere and G4 want to grow the MMA sector by delivering new talent and the potential stars of the future"
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Unless those 4 go outside of their current rosters and get some other guys, those cards will hold little/no interest with the American public.

I think it is a good idea, developing local, new talent on a larger scale