New MMA School in Doral FL?

I was driving thru Doral today, and I saw a sign for a new MMA school opening called MMA Miami. They have a website of WWW.MMAMIAMI.COM. I went to thier web-site and they said that thier Instructors are trained in TKD, Karate and Hapkido and now they have incorporated MMA. Does anyone in Miami know anything about these guys and who they studied with in MMA?


ANyone??????????????? is a dead link.

Thanks you are right.


If the guys are legit, I want to give them props here, but if they are a phony ass school, I want people to know.

I hate the fact that alot of traditional schools have somehow found grappling in thier styles. There are so many phonies out there.

They were talking with myself and the avellans in bringing us and or ffa in to teach mma there. I am pretty sure they have every intention in being legit.


Why doesn't somebody open up something in Weston? There is a new YMCA here that one of you guys can start at and from there, I'm sure you will pick up a huge gathering for a school.

I am suprised that no MMA school has touched Weston. There is nothing here other than Tae Kwon Don't.

As far as the Doral School, its good to know that at least they are reaching out to the right people.

Thanks Bro,