new MMA school in Westland?

How did I miss this?

"The teams gym located at Ford and Wayne in Westland has only been open for 7 months and is already producing skilled and talented fighters."


Its true, they moved literally one block from our school...

So be it...This is a capitalistic country we live in..


well, i may defect to their school cause it's so close to "New Mexico" restaurant.

sometimes, i really need dave to translate.


Best coaches in the state are Q and Dave.

 Seems odd that a gym would open right down the street from CSF, Q's right, but with all the spaces in westland and other srounding areas it's hard to think why they did it. But hell our fighters need good sparing partners :)


StephenL....."how did I miss this....?"

cuz your gay

well where is it at because i drove buy that new mexico and did not see many MMA gym signs.

You were distracted by the aromas of New Mexico Restaurant and completely missed the school.

As your jedi knight training is still in its infancy, you're not feeling that MMA is being taught near your current dojo.

Q, James and I can feel it.

There is a Shotokan Karate sign out front this morning.




This is the place...

^This is the place...

That sparring is painful. To watch.


i seen that black guy get choked out on fsn xcc or whatever its called.

 once we heard he was comming to westland we knew that our days where numbered. He came in and rolled a while back and schooled q and Garcia. He took one of our instructors out of the game for life.....Jermey. His stand up dominated our kickboxing instructor. We have started to sell of our gear. everyone stop in for great deals on all MMA TrAiNiNg GeAr........


Next time I come visit I'll pose as the new guy in town and bust some heads.

yeah dude just throw out your jab you will reach that dude across the room.

You guys are ruthless..


I on the other hand am a Judoka.


 This guy likes Jiu-Jitsu, you can see it in his eyes....

 New Mexico specializes in authentic New Mexican food. I drove by this school yesterday and saw two dudes training with swords.

Q hangs out in the furnace room after class wanting to sword fight.



man these guys have great sparring sessions kinda like stephen and his 15 rounds of boxing.