New MMA.TV Video discounts

I just wanted to let everyone know that the new MMA.TV pricing is ready on When you check out, just place the words MMA.TV in the discount code box and receive $50 dollars off any full Mario Sperry and any full Pedro Carvalho DVD set. However, this sale will not apply to the Garcia series after this Friday. If you purchase now, you will receive the Garcia series for $100 plus shipping.



ttt thank god I already bought it, thanks paul for the tip.

The situation with the Garcia DVDs is that I have other distributors selling. The Garcia set is the only set that World Martial Arts offers to other retail outfits. I cannot offer the MMA.TV discount on this set because it would not be good business with my resellers selling for $150 like, Fightworld, Sherdog and so on. I am doing a two day sale on this set only. After Friday, the only sets that will qualify for the MMA.TV discount will be all of the Sperry and Carvalho sets.


How much are the Sperry sets before the $50 off...I'm to lazy to check myself and I figured this would be a good way to TTT the post :)

200 Angelo, with the discount its 150.

Paul, your daily special offer also came up (for 99kg ADCC 2001). I guess because of the MMA.TV discount we don't get to get in on this too? I ordered the Garcia set yesterday, and tried to add that one too as it was on sale for a special $10, but it wouldn't let me. :(


what is the link to the discounts?


Please contact me, I wish to speak with you.


Paul, when can I expect the DVDs? The order was placed Friday, 02/13/04.

Also, in the comments, I mentioned I wanted the $10 special on the ADCC 2001.