New Name for Jonathan

Jonathan has become extremely hard to handle in class.  Besides his technique developing well, his strength has gone up drastically.  Hell, the man no longer has a neck.  If you have worked out with him lately, then you will notice he looks like a Silverback Gorilla when starting to spar.  Therefore, his new nikcname is SILVERBACK........

I would say that is an accurate nickname.

Beating my chest, drooling at the mouth, waitin til i get back from Denver. awawawawawaawawawawawaw.

I think I may have to borrow Levi's taser gun to control the Silverback. His strength is freakin' ridiculous.

I'm gonna be diesel when I get back. Just fyi. Be prepared. :)

Not like Tank or the Silverback, but I'm ok with that. Nobody wants to see a chick with no neck...