New Names for Floppy!!!!

Please post some new names for Floppy to choose from!

Nut Sac





Peja Power

Webbers Gimpy Knee

Doug "Kobe Raper" Christie

Sharpshooter Stojakovic

IF the Kings can re sign Darius Songaila I think I'm gonna go with Songaila the Savage.

I can't really make any of the other guys names work. :(

I'm gonna wait until it's official, then I'll switch to Peja Power.

cheap ass maloofs

overpaid bibby

Bobby's pulled abs

Bobby's pulled groin

Bobby's DNP-INJ

"cheap ass maloofs"

LOFL!!!!! Suuuuuuuuuuuure.

Bobby Jackson's the man. Dude plays hard as hell and if he says he's not feeling healthy enough to play then I don't have any reason not to believe him.

if they weren't such cheap biotches they'd give Vlade what he wants.


My vote is for Webber's gimp knee or PejaPower.

Bibby Jackson

LMAO @ Eddie!!!!!!! Oh man that sounds good. I can't though, must devote full faithfulness to my Kings. lol, brilliant name, I'll probably pick it up some year. :)

"must devote full faithfulness to my Kings."

In that case, may I recommend either "Slow White Guy", or "Chronic Underachiever".

Best of luck pal :)

L-Train 4 lyfe

Hurley McMangley

Traitorous Tisdale

Crappy Musician Waymon

Causwell and Effect

"Slow White Guy", or "Chronic Underachiever".

LOL, fucker, those fit ME, this isn't about me!!!! :)

The Chokers!!!! That one will cover the whole team.

Hmmm, tough choices. I would narrow it to one of these 3:



Bobby's DNP-INJ

I literally LOL @ "Crappy Musician Waymon"

I second SongailaTheSavage!

and it must be written with the "!"

then again the Tisdale names are cool too



I second NoBoardsOstertag