New news on Jan....... NOT good

I don't even know what to say Adam. My thoughts are with you and Jan. She's lucky to have you there.


my thoughts and prayers are with you. live strong.


This story brings me to tears. Im left speechless, and I cant even begin to try to understand how you feel. I dont know what to say, or even how to say anything, but the two of you are in my prayers, and I pray that everything works out the best way it can for the both of you..

You and Jan are two very strong people individually, and as a couple. There is much to be envied.

So sorry to hear this. But as the nurses said, she's fought longer and harder than anyone has figured in their wildest expectations. Cancer sucks. Much prayers to the both of you.

I am so saddened by this. You are both in my prayers.

Hang in there Adam.
You are both in my prayers.


I actually had tears in my eyes reading that, I am so sorry brother. My prayers are with you and jan.

You are in my prayers Adam and Jan

Adam and Jan,

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I ordered a DVD from your site to try to lend some support. I wish I could do more...if things are bad and my order gets lost (which would be completely understandable, given the circumstances), just call it a donation.


You and Jan are in our thoughts & prayers.

HB, good luck to your brother, man. He is in my prayers, as well. Sorry to hear he is going through that.

Adam, you and Jan are in my thoughts.

Adam, you and your wife are in my families prayers as well as HB's brother, cancer sucks.

No words, just well wishes.

"Jan is exceptional". Boy, you can say that again!


Hope and I were just reminiscing about the great times we've spent with you and Jan. Though you and I met in Maine, we first met Jan in January of 2003 at the seminar you hosted at the Lyndonville VFW, and we felt like we had known her forever! She was so sweet to make sure that Hope felt welcome and was taken care of during the seminar.

Do you remember when we all went out to dinner that night, and the next night when Jan offered to make everyone spaghetti, she knew that Hope and I didn't eat meat, because she was watching what everyone ordered the night before? It had gone straight over ALL of the guys' heads, but Jan has such a sharp eye!

How about the time we were here in Connecticut at the Diner, and Roy pointed out that Hope and Jan were listening to ALL the conversations at ALL the tables around us? That mothering instinct is unstoppable! (Man, how late were we there that night? We just couldn't stop chatting and joking, mostly about the Mensroom!)

I know that Hope has really loved that she and Jan can chat away the hours while "the boys are off training" at our seminars, and that they can rescue each other from the occasional "crabby spectators".

And frankly, watching her give you that "snapple cap massage" in San Diego that Dave McKinnon taught her was worth the flight out there alone! :)

Wherever we meet up, it's always been clear that Jan is one of a kind.

Give her a hug for us!

~Chris and Hope

Jan is such a warrior. My life is richer for knowing of her courage and strength.

My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.


I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for you. Although I don't pray, I hope that whoever or whatever up there can give you some sort of peace.