NEW NG Boarding Program!

LOL @ "happy ending"

I'm not saying I provide any happy endings...but I'm not saying they arnt here for the taking. Not with all the tail that has been running around here lately.


bestamore ost:

im not a piece of ass so do a LOT more thinking, like how your going to get through fight class training with 8 world class fighters that just read what you wasnt funny and im not interested.

for all you serious about your training...its a really good deal for such an awesome program. theres great instruction and a lot of rolling partners. the many locations make it easy to be a tourist and get to class on time.

I'm sorry, I didn't intend for that to offend or objectify you in any way.

And btw, I've been getting my ass kicked by world class fighters for almost two years now. I've been shot 3 times (1st time head, 2nd time arm, 3rd time finger) , stabbed 1 time (head), hit in the head with a crobar 1 time, had a bottle broken over my face 1 time, had half a pack of lit cigarettes put out on my forearm and wrist, broken both of my hands in street fights countless times, dislocated a few toes in street fights, and been jumped countless times... Getting beat up doesn't mean too much to me anymore and I sure as hell don't need to go to NG for that.

very cool!!! ttt

OMG this is an unbelievable opportunity!!! WOW, you guys rock!


Once again, the smoothness of the internet don juans is demonstrated.


Sounds like he grew up where I did but was on the other side of every one of my fights ;)

wow that sounded like it hurt

Da Swede~ Jake Brennan here, I will be helping with this live-in program. I'd say food for three months is probably gunna run you anywhere from $400-$600. This all depends on how you eat tho. I have a membership to Costco if you know what that is, and all the live-ins are more than welcome to go shop there with me. It is basically food in bulk for a good price. Once again that estimate was all just depending on how you eat. Hope that helped a little.


If you buy groceries and cook at the house you could easily eat for about3-4 hunmdred a month. If you eat out a lot you will spend a lot of dough.

that is a great price to pay for a chance to train with world class fighter and place to live.i had to move to tennesse to afford to live.who ever is thinking about taking them up on this offer i would not think to long.they are a great bunch of guys and girl.and you would not find any cheaper place to live and train anywere in cali.

chad washburn

that does sound pretty cool...good luck with the program


ttt for a great opportunity

OF COURSE. This is open to EVERYONE.

First day beginners to advanced guys, doesnt matter.

fuck, i thought i could snowboard with the "strangler". change the name of the thread

Resident Fatty: I went there with ZERO experience in grappling and was very happy there.

Btw if it helps any, at the time i was living at the school my spendings each month were about 600-700$ That included all the misc shit i did, going to the movies every once in a while, eating out sometimes etc. I mostly just cooked chicken at the house though.

Apple- I love you man