New NHB Gym in Jasper

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are expecting to have a NHB gym opened in Jasper around the middle of Nov or sooner. There will be lots of experience in NHB fighting walking around the gym. We also will have a 205 lb kickboxing and toughman champion there. If anyone is interested in coming to train please email me at . Thanks!

ttt for Jasper NHB training. Not much in that area at all so you guys should pull in some interested folks real soon! BTW, does Butterbean still live in Jasper! If I have time when I go through Jasper again (usually once a year) I will have to stop in!

That would be awesome FullBlast, we'd love to have ya. Butterbean still lives in Jasper yes. We have spoken with him. Hopefully he can come train with us. The 205 lb'er I spoke of in the first post is actually his former sparring partner. There seems to be an interest here and there are actually more mma fighters around here than you'd figure. Also lots of fighters who have their roots in toughman. Where are you at now? Are you affiliated at all with the straightblast guys in Huntsville? Thanks for the ttt. Let's get this forum Rockin!!!

ttt for the Alabama MMA Forum!!!!!

FastJasper, Hopefully I will be able to come back in May. I am living in Oklahoma. I am originally from Tuscaloosa by way of Arley. I have some family in Jasper too. I grew up in that whole area basically. No, I am not affiliated with the SBG guys in Huntsville, but I hear good things about them though! That's cool about the BEAN! I hope you guys get to work with him!

I'm glad to see more real NHB schools in our area. Let me know if I can help you guys. Brian is an excellent fighter and super guy. I've got a few posters for your school - I'll send them with Brian's cousing. Congrats on the school - like to come up one day when I'm not so busy personal training at the gym.

Skip H.

You are more than welcome to come by Skip.I'll tell Brian to be expecting the posters. We really appreciate it. We are expecting to bwe wide open by early January. If you are able to come by sooner let me know and I'll let you know if we have it open earlier or if it is at least ready so we can use the place. Take care

The gym is now open everyone. We are located at:

Jasper Combat Sports
504 W. 18th St
Jasper Al, 35501

Our ours are 4p-9p M-F and 10a-2p Sat. Everyone is welcome to come by- Jason Aldridge


I gave that guy I told you about your gym contact info today. You should hear from him soon.

Awesome, Philip. I can't wait to hear from him. What's his name?.. I talked to Tim about your next fight. Good luck. Let us know if we can help you out. Do you have a corner?

Jason Merchant is his name. He trains with a BJJ group around there, but with his job, now, it is hard for him to make it to class.

I don't know if I have a corner yet. Are you planning on fighting or going to watch the show? If you are, we can corner each other or I'd be happy to have you in the corner! I'm sure I'll make it up there sometime in January, as well. I'll give you a shot before I do.

Merry Christmas!!

BJJ Group in Jasper??? Really? Wow, I can't wait to meet the guy. I won't be there the rest of this week. I'll be working out of town. I'll be back the Monday after Christmas. Our striking coach will still be there though.

If you need a corner I'll be happy to go up there with ya just for that. I can help you warm up and everything. Don't go by yourself there is no reason for that. Lemme know man- Jason

Dude, that works for long as you can handle a hot ass truck on the way to Lexington (so I can sweat the last few pounds off). I'm going to try and keep the wife at home for this one, so you shouldn't be put out any $ for helping me.

BTW, I don't know anything about who that guy has been training with. He could be a poser, for all I know. That is just what he told me.

Merry Christmas!!

No Problem man... Are you getting any striking training for your fight? I know how most BJJ classes are. If you want you are welcome to come to Jasper Combat and we can help you get up on your striking.. or anything else for that matter.

Merry Christmas!

Yeah man. I fight Muay Thai and amateur boxing, and I used to fight bare knuckle karate rules fights. I do want to make it up there in Jan., though. I'll give you a shot.

Can't Wait Man, Give us a call