New/old truck - '74 International

I had been looking for an old Toyota, but everything I found was astronomically priced.  I found this on Craigslist and managed to buy it without getting murdered.  It's an 1974 International Harvester 100.  Quite the oddball truck.  It's got an AMC/Jeep 258 inline 6, 727 Torqueflite trans, power brakes, and front discs.  The last owner put a 10-foot satin black paint job on it and promptly scraped the passenger side on something.  Doh!  I can't find a lick of rust on this thing, so eventually I'll straighten and respray it.

I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Rockauto and Summit.  I'll be putting in an HEI distributor, new wires, trans filter, eliminating the smog pump, carb rebuild.  I threw some new tires on it today.  It's loud, slow, stinky and I love it.

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Nice. BTW, thanks for ignoring the thread I made in your honor last week...

WHAT??? Sorry, I was at work all week. Gimme a thread title to search for.

EDIT: found it!

I have ideas of diesel engines dancing in my head, as if it isn't slow and stinky enough now.

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they did not make but maybe 10,000 trucks a year by then. keep it original!!!!

cornbinders rule.

That's cool as shit, OP.

Put a LS crate engine in it, lower it a little all the way around, slightly bigger wheels (chrome steel wheels with chrome baby moon hubcaps) and that would be one niiiiiice ride!

For now, the major components are going to stay as they are. I've got my '68 Fireturd to finish and this is just my parts hauler/shop truck.

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whats it got for a carb? a 2 barrel? if it does i'd upgrade to a 4 barrel manifold and then pick up one of the new holley efi setups and make it super reliable.

Yea, original Carter 2bbl. I was just looking at guys doing junkyard GM EFI setups and they are pretty cheap to do. The other option is guys are swapping the head and intake off a newer 4.0. I guess they flow much better and it bolts right onto the 258 block.

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what sort of front suspension does it have?
some of the 2wd's had a torsion bar front end....use the impact wrench and drop it.

Front springs with upper/lower control arms. No torsion bar.

Picked up a 4.6L stroker motor with 500 miles on it.  I'll go from about 115HP stock to about 270 with this motor.  I'm going to convert it to fuel injection, electronic ignition, and serpentine belt.  I'm leaning towards an AW4 overdrive transmission, too.  The price was just too good to pass up, $800 for the entire engine, harness, CPU, EFI and intake, everything for the swap.  An LS V8 would have been fun but this thing will have PLENTY of power for this little truck.

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My 1st ever ride was a 1969 IH Scout 800A. 304 v8 and 3 speed. Kudos on the purchase! Vtfu! Phone Post 3.0

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jhovanp - How much did you pay for it? Phone Post 3.0

The truck? $3400.

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