New OSAC Bloodtesting Requirements

Effective January 1, 2012 all professional wrestling, amateur & professional MMA, boxing, and kickboxing participants will be required to supply a negative test result for Hepatitis B & C and HIV to be licensed. If you already have a valid license, you will not need to submit negative test results until you renew your license. Test results will be valid up to 365 days from the test date.

This is a positive change.

Go to for your blood work needs.

I have also heard you can get tested for free at any county health department. Also if you donate blood, they will test you for free as well.

Zilla2000 - I have also heard you can get tested for free at any county health department. Also if you donate blood, they will test you for free as well.

Yes. You have to sign a medical release before donating. They said it takes approximately 2 weeks to get the results. Phone Post

Zilla2000 - I have also heard you can get tested for free at any county health department. Also if you donate blood, they will test you for free as well.

 unfortunatly that isnt entirely true. while the obi and lifeshare will test your blood and mail your results to you. but the county health departments will only test you for std's so until we have to have herpes testing you will have to go another rout.

Sorry bout that. You can get our HIV test there but Larry is right, they do not screen for Hepatitis.

This came from an actual Oklahoma fight doctor not me.

I just spoke with the Red Cross and that is NOT the case. They will not do testing for free. If you donate blood, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV are tested for in that donated unit of blood BUT the donor will only receive a positive result back. They will not be able to provide the negative test results to the commission.

Another note from the doctor

Tulsa County Health Department does not do any hepatitis testing but will for HIV testing for a fee

Just talked to the Oklahoma Blood Institute and they said it is $80 to receive the Hep B & C, & HIV testing with results. Like Goju stated above, they test all donors but only supply results if you are positive otherwise.

Not what they told me Friday when I went in. Phone Post

I spoke specifically with the Tulsa branch and explained that I was interested receiving test results from the blood screening for Hep and HIV. I also explained I was needing these results for the OSAC and she instantly seemed to know what I was talking about and said the test for fighters was $80. I specifically asked if all donors are mailed their test results and she told me the Hep and HIV are only sent if you are posative. However they do send all donors copies of their blood pressure and cholesterol results.

this is a fact i do it all the time if you donate blood and sign a release the oklahoma blood institute will mail you your bloodwork absolutely free and it is valid all over the

not that complicated guys

We are doing a show in Lawton and OBI is charging $80 for the testing and documents. I got the promoter to pay for it but its still a PITA.

dude you can go in there and pay the 80$ or you can donate blood and get the results for free same exact bloodwork one way saves lives and is free other way is 80 $ two ways to the same ending i have done this and fought all over the country on the bloodwork

I received my negative results from OBI today, that also included my cholesterol level.

Jason is correct. where shit gets REAL!!!!

Oops, wrong site. :-) Phone Post

Well guess you got someone at OBI that is willing to help. The ladies I talked to told me that they wouldnt take blood donations from fighters and even if they could pass the screening they wouldnt give them the results in a document. They said they only tell you if you come up positive.

I just didn't tell them it was for the athletic commission. I asked her if there was a way to get the results mailed to me and she said sure u just have to sign a medical release of information. The form explained what it was, and asked where it was to be sent. I filled out my address and signed it. She turned it in and sent me over to have my blood taken. This was last Friday night and I got my results today. Phone Post

That is great news Huggy Bear! Apparently you just gotta play it and they will hook it up.

I guess even if they don't end up sending it, the worst that could happen is you donate blood for free. I'd say $80 is worth the risk.