New OTM Video Magazine?

I got an email back in December from the OTM boys saying that they were coming out with a new video magazine shortly. However, it's not yet noted on the OTM site. I've enjoyed all of the other BJJ video magazines they've put out (Ringworm, Dengue Fever, American Penetration, Matburn), so I'm looking forward to another. When is it coming out gents?


You wouldn'e believe the things that delayed it, but it shipped to
our fullfilment house last week and should be ready to go this

It's a DVD


Instructionals from Darrel Gholar (a takedown that didn't quite fit
into his instructional set) and Tony DeSouza (the Peruvian Necktie)

Interviews and highlights from Tulio Perrone and Mike Fowler.

Exposes on the Rocinha Project and Crossfit.

Matches from Dave Camarillo, Jeremy Horn, and rare footage of
the Barra Boys: Ryan Gracie, Igor Gracie, Cachinho, and Gorginho.

The crazy footage and extras we've always provided on our

So another production disaster not with standing, it will be ready
to ship this week, and believe me we WILL let you know about it.

Keep 'em coming Gumby!