New Page - Beta

I received an email from Kirk stating that as a pro memeber I would have access to the Beta version of the new page but I can't log in. Any suggestions?

shortly as in hours, days.... Why did I get the email saying I could?

It's awesome. Being a bluenamer is sweet on the new version.

YES IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, really cool!

I didn't have problem logging in! Try again!

Can someone post a link for logging in? I think I deleted my e-mail.

No, I found it ... but I still can't get in! Darn it!!

You guys better not eat all the buffet before I get in!!

I can't get the link to work either. I think we're being scammed, much as the bluenamers do to the muds about the Proground.... LOL

It's somewhat frustrating to get the link and then not be able to access. Especially with you guys saying how cool it is. Can't wait!

I didn't get the e-mail - the e-mail address I use for this site seems to drop a lot of messages. What's the new page's address?

very cool beta version .... you guy`s will like the improvements.

Enter staging area for Version 5.0 Beta

currenly only moderators will be allowed, pro's shortly.

Just put in your info (twice) and you'll be in!

I didn't get an email???

*sobs & blows nose*

I tried, but it says I don't have permission.

What if I get a note from my parents? Will that do?

Man, I bet the place is full of hot chicks, but my name's not on the list and I'm not getting in.

yep, i can't get in either. i wonder if it has to do with the IP.

WHAT? You don't have a note from your parents!That is the NUMBER ONE condition for getting in!I'm really not sure. It worked for me and it was super cool!
It was life changing!
I have been to the top of the mountain and it is good!
I have seen the glory!
I .... ok, I'll stop rubbing it in now.It is pretty cool!

hmm...if you've recently changed your password, try your old pw. I couldn't get in before either, but I tried my old pw and that worked.

It still calls me Trenton Tiemeyer.

Yeah, the threads on it are from late October, so I figure it uses old names too.