New Painting: Fulci Zombie

UGPTT_Rear Naked Chode -
NHBDaddy - You got skills bro you need to do a gallery showing
RN Choads Chamber of Horrors

Thanks. Hopefully one day I can do a solo show lol.

Talking about solo, I bet you could do a good hope solo aka the abyss pic


Haha  love your work captain darkness


ferox - 

Amazing .... 


Zombie Flesh Eater Zs looked way better than their Dawn counterparts. 

Yeah, Fulci's brown/grey, wormy/crusty looking zombies were way creepier than the blue-ish Dawn zombies. Wonder if this motivated Savini to up the ante with his work on Day of the Dead. Day had maybe the best zombies of all time.

Another awesome painting btw.