New Painting: Son of Frankenstein

24" x 30" oil on canvas. Hope you enjoy.


OP nails it everytime



It looks like Frankenstein is trying to force that dude to give him a blowjob.

very good

Said a give?

TheMMAn -

Thank ya sir.

bruddahoodaman - Said a give?

It definitely meets their naked.

Thanks guys.

Great Job, Man!

Great work, OP

Do you sell these?

Very cool.

Dude! You are the new Basil Gogos! Excellent workl!


The Diet Butcher - Do you sell these?

He does, I have 2. 

But one is a Sloth and the other is a Pygmy Hippo. 

They look better, in person. He does great work. 

Super dope. Props

Son of Spankenstein

Hopefully this doesn't come out sounding wrong...this is why I would not ever have my kids pursue art or music as a career. 

You see a picture painted by a guy selling them for relatively little money on the internet that is of that quality...or you go to some random church and hear a choir member who works as a cashier belting out beautiful music...what chance does anyone have?

I look at a painting like that and think, what would it take for me to try to replicate it and I wouldn't even know where to start.  Very cool stuff OP.