New PC MMA Game - Demo Coming

German students are making this game and will release it for free. They are looking for some fighters willing to be in the game but since it's a free game they can't pay you for it. Contact them if you want to see about being in the game.

Can't wait for the demo to get released.

Are they only looking for known MMA fighters or anyone with experience?

I think they would be down with fighters who aren't well known.

This game looks promising. It amazes me that there are no fighting games made for the PC.


The first post is a link

I find it strange that on the video game section of an MMA website there isn't more interest in this. Personally I'm excited about it. I wonder if there will be a create a fighter feature? It would be cool if you could map a face on a created character like THPS UG for the PS2. You could create actual fighters then who couldn't be included in the game.

Doesnt really look like an MMA game to me. I watched the video of some of the moves... looks more like a Street Fighter platform fighter. Looks ok for a student project.. but nothing more than that.

Yeah that's the stand up only pre-demo video right?

Their angle seems to be "reality fighting" so MMA in the street or ring. THey are asking for MMA fighters to be in the game so I take it that's their aim.

I have the UFC game(s) for Xbox and DC and I would love to have an alternative. (PS2 people can just STFU)

i just went to the website and checked some of it out

hey, if its free i cant really complain. a create a fighter feature would be awesome but is that asking too much of a couple students? i hope the grappling aspect of the game is really nice.

i hope that these guys realize that if the game becomes a cult hit that it could eventually be picked up by a big publisher like eastside hockey manager was picked up by sega. that game started out as a freeware game by some guy from sweden and now its huge as shit

I was going to attempt to make an MMA game for my college senior project last year. Collision detection was too much for us.. so we ending up making a 3d racing game, which turned out allright. Props to these students for what they seem to have accomplished so far.. I'll still check it out, but i'm hoping for a realistic MMA game sometime in my lifetime :) I've been disappointed with the attempts thus far... not that i didnt like the Pride and UFC games, but they need to evolve.

"not that i didnt like the Pride and UFC games, but they need to evolve."

ain't that the truth... little change since the first UFC game... hopefully they are selling well enough

So the Pride game is better but basically more of the same?

Right, Pride was more deep than UFC and I enjoyed playing it for a while. But, the striking engine is so unrealistic and arcadey... if thats a word. Unrealistic combos etc..

yeah Pride was almost the sequel to the UFC games... both developed by the same company... the gameplay is the same with just a few additions to Pride

You should email them Ferox. Seriously.

the upcoming Pride GP 2003 is supposed to be somewhat better..

Will the standup arcade version make it to the US?