New Performance bjj/rgda brown blt

Since no one has posted it, let me be the first here to publically congratulate my buddy and teammate Bill Stevens on his well deserved promotion to brown belt from our instructor Louis Vintaloro. His purple belt was about to fall off anyways, so it was deffinitely about time.

I'd also like to apologize for whipping him in the face with my belt during the post-promotion beat down.

Congrats. Brown is major.


Congrats and LOL @ SlapUsilly's over exuberance at the belt beatdown.

Angel,thanks for the kind words ,your purple is on the way out too! I'm lucky to have solid training partners like you. I think our school keeps getting better and better so many tough purple and blue belts.That Salo seminar was awesome!see you on the mat-Bill

TTT for Bill Stevens. Sorry about that mark on your back. I know I am gonna get it when my turn

Also congrats to Lou Vintaloro. Some really tough guys coming out of our gym due to his teaching!

ttt for lou Vintaloro being a great teacher!!!

ttt for the MASTER!!! congrats bro!

"so many tough purple and blue belts"

where's the love for the performance jj brown belts?????? :)

Performance JJ has Brown Belts other than Bill?

WowUTapFast - don't forget about jim and joe, both brown belts (unless you were being sarcastic, then LOL)

Bill - congrats on the brown belt, wish I could have been there. Well deserved!!

I was teasing Joe. Of course there is Rich, Jim, Bill and Tyrone!!

Congrats!!! JW RGDA ST.LOUIS

Oh yea I forgot Rich and Tyrone, most likely due to my old age

Congrats Bill! I rolled with you when you were by AMA training at Jamie's class. You were super technical, and it was awesome rolling with you. Well deserved brown belt indeed.

joe-im still mad at you for missing the after party.i had like 15 girls in my kitchen.James thanks.H I talked to mike c. yesterday and will be back to his school soon.You guys have a great team going on there.

ttt for Bill having 15 Brazilian girls in his kitchen.

Bill congratulations,

you have really earned that Belt !!!

Congrats Bill on your brown belt! All the best

Dan Moroney BravadoJJ / RGDA Woodbridge,Canada

Congratulations on achieving a major milestone!!