New photo gallery on my site!!!

Hey guys I just updated my "photogallery" on my web site. Check it out! There are some cool training pics and fight pics and just a bunch of misc pics.


Hey Chris,whats up did you change your phone number?you can contact me at thanks Bob-O


You may have seen osme of them but we updated it yesterday and we are still in the process of putting them up. I have a lot from Zacks fight that I need to put up. There will be more in the next few days going up.


Shameless self-promotion.

Tut Tut Tut ;-)

yup yup!

Well I am not making any money out of people going to my site so not really. There are just a lot of pics to look at if you are bored on this Sunday morning.


Was hoping to see some pics of Andy training with you at Big Bear. Guess he was making it up after all ;-)

Otherwise, I enjoyed 'em. Let me know when you want some 'CB in Taiwan' pics, BTW :-)

You can see nipples, though.



Ahh cool i was wondering about that picture of us in big bear. Very cool pictures.