New Police Shooting - Is this the next big one?

Texas - The short of the story t is a community hero was breaking up an altercation, was approached by the police, had his hands raised as he tried to explain the situation and was tased and then shot and killed by the police.


A Texas man hailed as a “pillar of the community” was fatally shot by a police officer as he tried to break up a fight, according to local reports.
Jonathan Price, 31, intervened when he saw a man and a woman brawling outside a gas station Saturday night in Wolfe City, about 65 miles northeast of Dallas, witnesses told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV.
Family members and friends told the outlet that the man assaulted Price, and when officers responded to a report of the disturbance, a cop tased then shot the good Samaritan.
Authorities on Sunday said the cop involved was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation from the Texas Rangers, but did not release details about the shooting.
A former athlete, Price was employed by the city and also worked as a fitness trainer, relatives and friends said.
“Everybody loved Jonathan. Everybody. Black, white, Mexican, it don’t matter,” his sister, April Louis, told the outlet.
Price’s mother, Marcella Louis, said she wasn’t surprised to hear that her son would step in to stop a fight.
“That’s what he always did, tried to help others. I taught him that all the years,” Louis said.
A witness who was in a store across the street when shots rang out recognized the victim as Price, calling him a “pillar of the community.”
“We all love him and think so highly of him and just the nicest guy you could ever meet,” Kyla Sanders told the TV-station.
Philadelphia-based civil rights lawyer Lee Merritt said he is working with the family to “get justice” for Price, calling him “a hometown hero.”
“Motivational speaker, trainer, professional athlete and community advocate— he was dearly loved by so many,” Merritt wrote on Facebook.
“He noticed a man assaulting a woman and he intervened,” Merritt continued. “When police arrived, I’m told, he raised his hands and attempted to explain what was going on.”
The attorney claimed: “Police fired tasers at him and when his body convulsed from the electrical current, they ‘perceived a threat’ and shot him to death.”
The family will be holding a vigil for Price on Monday evening.

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It's Texas....... If you play stupid games..... 

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Something about the story doesn't sound right. If that's how it actually went down though then that's fucked up. 


If this is accurate then this will get new level ugly.

If convulsions from a taser is the actual defense they use for escalating to lethal force, you should sit in a cage for a very long time.


There has to be more to the story. What happened for them to have their guns and tasers out in the first place? 

he was a big guy. Cops probably shit their pants when they saw a big black guy and started blasting.

Got to wait to see the video on this, usually it’s a different story than what is being told.


Didn’t read the article but am already setting local, family-owned businesses on fire.


I am very interested in the veracity of these early reports and witness accounts. It seems almost incredible. Hopefully, there is a massive amount of video from both the gas station, the officers, and witnesses. 

shen - Didn't read the article but am already setting local, family-owned businesses on fire.


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Im just a bear, but did you guys ever the see ending to the original night of the living dead?


Here come all the riots due to white supremacy.

In all seriousness, this sounds bad and I hope that’s not the case but I don’t believe it, until it’s proven it went down like that. Cops aren’t perfect and do fuck up. When they do, they should pay the time. But I’m very skeptical

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banco - he was a big guy. Cops probably shit their pants when they saw a big black guy and started blasting.

He has muscle, but he is shorter, so he's not a huge guy:

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I learned my lesson from last time, show me the evidence before determing shit needs to be burnt down.


Let's wait for all the evidence before jumping to conclusions 


At least people are starting to wait until the facts come in before forming an opinion. 


he posted this a few months ago

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