New poll:Increase in Americans want Trump Impeach


For reference, this news website was one of the first to have Trump ahead of Clinton in news polls.



Americans were split on impeaching President Donald Trump, with a majority preferring to have Barack Obama back in the White House. A plurality would even prefer election loser Hillary Clinton over the embattled billionaire and mogul less than a month into the administration, a new Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released Friday showed.

The new national data showed a major increase in Trump’s disapproval rating while 46 percent are for impeaching the 45th president and the same percentage are against the extreme measure. PPP’s first poll showed 44 percent both approved and disapproved of Trump, but now his approval rating has slipped to 43 percent and disapproval has reached 53 percent.

Two weeks ago only 35 percent were for impeaching Trump.

In turn, 52 percent of those polled would rather have Obama back in the Oval Office, compared to 44 percent who don’t. Forty-nine percent would rather have Clinton at the helm of the executive branch. At first, only 65 percent of Clinton voters were for impeaching Trump but that figure has since climbed to a commanding 83 percent.

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The national poll, which surveyed 712 registered voters between Feb. 7 and 8, had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percent. Eighty percent of the respondents were surveyed over the phone and the remaining 20 percent online.

“It only took three weeks in office for half the country to decide it wants to impeach Donald Trump,” Dean Debnam, president of PPP, said. “Voters who didn’t like Trump but were willing to give him a chance have quickly decided he’s not fit to hold the office.”

The poll also found a majority were against a number of the key issues and executive orders Trump has pushed through during his first month in office. Trump has repeatedly said his immigration ban was intended to make the country safer from terrorists, but 66 percent of Americans already believe the country is safe compared to only 23 percent who think it’s unsafe. Only 45 percent were in favor of the ban, compared to 49 percent against.

"The national poll, which surveyed 712 registered voters"

Well that's all I need in a country of 400 million

omg breath taking news. Like really surprising that lefties want him impeached. Why not push for a do over and drag Clinton over the finish line instead.

In before Fake News


shit, too late

Fucks given? Zero. 

I'd be curious if the poll question gave specific reasons for Trump to be impeached, or if they just asked the question.

Also, this was the last bit of that article "In stark contrast to PPP’s results, a Morning Consult/Politico poll released earlier this week showed a majority of Americans were in support of Trump’s numerous executive orders."

I'd imagine most of America falls somewhere between these 2 polls.

So they spoke to a lot of people who have no idea how are government works?


lol @ even talking about Obama or Hillary in the whitehouse

PPP is a Democratic polling firm. They also didn't include a breakdown of the political leanings of the sample which means it's hard to take it seriously.