New Pop culture phrase “Blow out her Back”?

I’m hearing this in a lot of rap songs lately. It’s a reference towards sex. How does one blow out a girls back during sex? Is this something that happens in the black community? Black rappers are the first I’ve heard use this phrase. Is the sex so rough a woman gets a herniated disc during sex?

Such intense thrusting or such strong ejaculate is what I always assumed..

This is the most recent song that talks about blowing out backs

lol @ listening to rap in 2020


HAR HAR HAR HUMANS, do a better job thrusting and biting the neck from the rear. Then you'll know

TzTinkle - lol @ listening to rap in 2020

I listen to rock mostly but I dabble in rap once in a while 

I first heard it in Mallrats


You Guys gotta start learnin to use urban dictionary, Its the only way i can keep up with todays stupid lingo

When your 12 inch penetrates your girl doggy however your length causes her disc to slip and in turn her back is now blown out

That is not a new phrase at all. 


Blow her back out imo



Pretty sure it's been around since people had back problems. 

Pop a perc like my back hurt...


Fuck her make her back hurt...

johnsonbarr - New?

it's a community full of 40+ dudes and youngsters with that mentality in their 20s. they wear jorts and white NBs with tube socks. 

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johnsonbarr - New?


primesith -
tj tapper - I first heard it in Mallrats

I believe J-man THREW his back out humpin your mom last night...


Was it someplace really uncomfortable?

Like the back of a Volkswagen?

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lots of the Black BLM activist types are protesting against the "over sexualization of black people"

as if White people are the ones responsible for it


stop listening to rap

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plastekt -

stop listening to rap

This is supremely sound advice.