New Promotion Shaping Up in ATL

Attn everyone:

It looks like we will be starting new promotion in
Atlanta within a few weeks. It will be an amateur
'proving grounds' situation at a bar on a weekly
basis. This is exactly what the ATL needs. The
event is to be called THE ATLANTA FIGHT CLUB.

Yes, I did say on a WEEKLY basis. There will be
lots of fights. It will take place in a very atmospheric
bar in Atlanta (I'll tell you all where very soon) and it
is destined to become the stuff of legend on the
fight circuit. Those of you who know me know that I
have connections in every major organization in
MMA. The sky is the limit for hungry young fighters.
We're going to build some monsters right here in
our own backyard!

I need to hear from fighters and managers within
travelling distance of Atlanta. If you are a trainer,
this is a great chance to get your up-and -coming
stars the experience they will need to go pro.
Please note however, I need you to be
professional in your representation. I will need
stats, record and pics to be readily available.

Contact me at now if you
want to be included!

Thanks everyone,

Cal Cooper

I'll TTT that!

I'm moving to ATL next week.

Thanks for your support.



It's free if you fight GM.


Cal im still interested in fighting for you if you decide to do some pro bouts.

Thanks, Charles. I hope we can throw in a pro bout
once in a while, but when you see this location
you'll agree it's MADE for an amateur proving
ground. It's going to be something else. Sign up all
the AFA amateurs and come down to the party.

Cal: unfortunately im not living in GA anymore or I would be there in a heart beat. AFA has quite a few amatuers that im sure would love a spot in the show. Email either Cam or Matthew and they can work out the details.

I'll be sure to do that. I'll be contacting all of the
local gyms individually.

Didn't realize you aren't in GA anymore. Our loss.




I might be interested in fighting there

Cal-Who else is doing this promotion with you? You said we above, who are your co-owners/promotors? Thanks and looking forward to seeing a lot of fights.

Tripp Owings

I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. : )
Call me if you like.
work - 770-448-6982
home - 770-982-6876 tonight


good talking to you Cal. Hope to see you soon.

yes he is and he has a very sexy phone voice I might add. Cal can't wait for the new shows and I hopefully will be able to work it out to help out sometimes.

tripp owings