New Promotion Shaping Up in ATL



Good to see this Cal!!!!

Keep in touch,


Neat idea. What ever happened to the other event you were promoting? Just curious.



(Is that George Charlwood?)

The other promotion is called Cagefighter Championships,
and I have not been able to focus my attention on it since the
last one in 2002 lost money and sponsors. Hopefully this
smaller show will play into doing another bigger one
eventually, but they are two different kind of business
arrangements, and for now I am excited about this one! As
Brett Moses can tell you it's very hard to make money in MMA
(especially when you have a family to support like I do).
Interestingly, Pete Rodley (who posted just before you ) and I
are planning to do the next one together!

BTW, Pete, call me please!


**(Is that George Charlwood?)


**Interestingly, Pete Rodley (who posted just before you) and I are planning to do the next one together!

Pete Rodley, that name sounds familiar :)

Good luck guys!


Hey Geo,

I lost your phone number you sent by e-mail. Please send it
again. I had a crash. I still would like to talk to you.


well if you wan do a pro fight with a big boy im youre man

Not paying fighters is a scam

I had to clear my computer out and re load...I wouldnt mind talking to George as well...I think his name is ringing a bell...

Cal my man, call my office number tomorrow...tonight Im dealing with some family issues..Ill fill you in when you call...

take care,




Give me a call later tonight.



I'll be home in an hour.


Looks like Team Havok will be making that trip too!

cooper been busy call me toomorrow.

ttt 4 later


Cal/Pete. Email me at and i'll shoot you my phone number.

take care,

Cal, just to let you know i appreciate you selling me a Mars poster. It will always be in my possesion and passed on to my boys.