Big Congrats to DJ Blackwell out of Austin, TX on his promotion to Purple Belt under Relson Gracie at the Nationals. It is well earned and deserved. DJ has madd skills and is very technical. His reflexes and feel is incredible. All the while he does it without even breaking a sweat. He always looks so relaxed. I know of nobody more loyal than this guy. Super Job dude and keep it up.

Hopefully we will see the hooligan get his come upins soon.


Big congrats to DJ he is ready for his purple belt

Thanks guys, I was nurvus to put the belt on at first, but now it is just my belt again. I think my match with Shean Spangler upped my confidence level eaven though I lost. It lit a fire under my ass for sure. I renewed my gym membership and went up 15 pounds from when I was in Austin. Im thinking about training Judo with the Major, Iv been training with Hugo down at Bushido for some stand up, and I will start training 2 privates a week with my secret weapon Benny soon as well. Thanks Phil for all your suport throughout the years. You have put up with more of my shit than anyone(exept mabey the ex Broad), and I could not have done it without the help of you, Relson, and Daniel Moraes. For sure I have the best suport in the area. I hope to see you guys out in El Paso, and Austin soon.

Congrats DJ!

Thanks JJ, Stop by my place when you guys are in town. Mabey we can head to Juarez or something. These days I dont need much of an excuse to get across the border.

Congrats DJ on your promotion and when we come to ELP I will take you to "JUAREX" and show you the other loco side, I will show you my familias places.