NEW Randy Couture Highlight Video

Check out my newest highlight - Randy Couture!

And for anyone who hasn't seen my previous highlights and is interested, here are the links:

Matt Lindland:

Dan Henderson


That was awesome! Really well done.

fuckin' awesome!!

Randy Couture? Is he even highlight material? He's not exactly Rumina Sato.

Hendo is pretty exciting. I'm gonna download that.

Lindland Highlight? OMG! the world has turned upside down. Oh wait the self inflicted knock out was classic.

Sorry if I sound rude. My opinion is that exciting fighters should have HL's, not wrestling based fighters, IMO.

Henderson is exciting. That guy has some serious retard strength.

LOL@Evil Yoshida - well, maybe you should download all three and see if they're all highlight worthy by your standards. ;)

Wrestling, clinch fighting, etc. can be pretty darn exciting in my opinion!

And thanks to eveyrbody else - glad to hear you're enjoying the highlight(s). I do have some more planned for the future, but haven't decided which one specifically to do next...

Thanks RingGirl, great highlights!

only thing i noticed was lacking is any clips of couture vs randleman. otherwise great vid.

Those are some awsome highlight vids. Keep up the fantastic work!


Great highlight video.

Thanks RingGrrl


all 3 were dope.

great quality footage and awesome production, nice work.

Your highlights are amazing. TQFC is my favorite team (along with Renzo's).

Too bad Randy can't throw together some spinning back fists or flying armbars on clueless tomato cans to amuse EvilYoshida.

WOW! Those were some of the best I've seen. Especially the Couture highlight. That one gave me chills.

Great job RingGrrl!!!


Couture not exciting?

Does the Pope Shit in the woods? Is a bear catholic?

ttt where it belongs. EvilYoshida can eat a dick.

Excellent hilight clips. Truly a fitting tribute to one of the best mma athletes ever. (in my opinion the best) great music and editing.

Keep up the great work.I'd love to see more work by you.