Your rankings have improved rrom last time IMO. I'm impressed with the research you must put into them. Don't have time to get into where I disagree with you. On thing I notice though is that you still don't have Paul Buentello as a fringe contender, but you have Bobby Hoffman.

Peter P

Paul's record pales in comparison. I'm sorry but one win over a guy you just lost to doesn't get you ranked when you already have a really sub-par record.

If he continues to win and improve he'll get ranked...just like anyone else.

Actually, i believe i meant to put Paul Buentello as a fringe contender. He has fought a lot better since his last loss.

Where are the women rankings???

sorry, i dont rank the women...i'm not really into women fighting

Buentello should definitely be there. He stopped Hoffman after losing a split decision. He also has KO's over Roger Neff, Mike Kyle and Andy Montana.

Peter P

at least somebody still loves me : )

only one thing missing from this thread
the name David Terrell .

other then that props on all your hard work it must have taken a few days to put all that together