New Rebellion Location this Wed

We are pleased to announce that the new Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu gym located at 510 Gordon Baker Rd. (NW of Finch and Vic Park) is ready for business. We are still doing lots of renovations, but the gym is in adequate shape to run classes. It has heat, running water, and lots and lots of mat space.

We will start operating regular Monday and Wednesday classes up at 510 Gordon Baker Rd, starting THIS WEDNESDAY, Dec 17th at 7pm. Please check our website regularly for schedule updates (

As our renovations proceed, we will begin opening up the other classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. But for now, we are still running these out of our old location at 571 Queen St. W.
We expect to have a full nightly schedule operating at the new gym by February.

Come by, bring your gi and your enthusiasm, and help us break in the new gym! We have big plans for the new gym. And even though it's a work in progress, everyone who has seen the gym so far has been excited! Come see for yourselves.


I work at 155 Gordon Baker.



Will there be any towel girls? Not including Albert that is :)

Thanks Karmarep.

Mentalmidget, there will be 2 towel girls for every member that can pass an IQ requirement. It should be easy enough for anyone to pass except for those that are mental midgets...






I'll hopefully come by and say 'hello'.

Congrats guys!!!!

congrats :)


We are also pleased to announce we have a new downtown location. It will be twice the size of the old school with all the ammenities.
Joining me at the Downtown Location will be Marc Laimon Purple belt, Sam Zakula and the one and only Mark Bocek, Brown Belt under Joao Roque.
Location is three blocks south of the old school on King West at Portland. Hopefully we will be in by January 1st but until then things continue as normal at the old location.

Mark Stables



Wow...sounds great. How long is Laimon gonna be around?

Tiger rat sorry you misunderstod not Laimon himself.
Sam is a purple under Marc Laimon.

congratulations....sounds amazing

Congrats Mark.

TTT Congrats!!!