New REDBAR episode live today at 5pm on YouTube

Here is a redbar fan annoying Cumia after a show: (audio NSFW)

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i’ve always kind of hated this guy and have always found his schtick to be super transparent. strikes me as just another step in the “shock jock” evolution. the only boundaries left to push that won’t get you perma-banned from life are to go after other youtubers/podcasters.

don’t get me wrong, when i also can’t stand the people he’s trying to tear down i have a good time, but i don’t find the guy particularly talented and he definitely isn’t funny enough to make it as an actual comic or even general commentary type podcaster.

lol. Sounded like a Brandon Dicamillo prank call.

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Whats happening with Cumia?

I like Cumia even more after seeing this video.

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New Redbar live right now just started

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Some stuff out there shitting on podcasters is funny but Redbar is just too creepy for me. He seems like a psychotic jealous ex boyfriend.


Videos removed by uploader? I just wanted to watch a few seconds and see if he’s gotten more emaciated.

Nobody here gives a shit about this idiots opinions

We’ve been over this

Sad Its Over GIF by Star Wars

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Just finshed the entire 7 hour episode

Redbar is GOAT

lol. You really watched/listened to him for 7 hours?


My family hates me

Those vids always seem to be deleted by user right away. Weird.

The Redbar Andrew tate video gone viral on Tik Tok and youtube

It’s at 200k views

TTT for the GOAT.