New Release: $7 for 7 Days to Better Guard Sweeps

Hey everyone,
We just released our latest product called '7 Days to Better Guard Sweeps.'  
It's a series of 7 streaming and downloadable video modules along with a book that summarises all the most important points. It's only $7 and even comes with a money back guarantee if you don't like the material
More info here:
Stephan Kesting

Not sure how much better it can get for the price. I like the concept of downloadable content so I can keep instructionals consolidated. A book to review helps for those times when I only have a few minutes, or when lots of things are going on.

Ordered, thanks!

Stephan's stuff is the only stuff I've happily dropped money on. Its always quality material at a great price compared with some of the other content out there

Thanks guys, much appreciated.