New respect for Bisping

The guy always infuriated me but bottom line he came out to fight tonight. I'm a big Mayhem fan but bottom line Bisping was the better fighter tonight. His post fight speech was nothing but class and while I may not be a fan I definitely have a new respect for the man and for the fighter. Congrats Bisping.

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Fuck it move him up a level and let's see what goes down then we can discuss if the count is a jab and jog expert or a true finisher which by now he has surly proved?

I know people hate on mike but let's face it he gets the job DONE Phone Post

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Signed definately. I was kinda Leanin towards mayhem for the win despite the fact I'm a Brit, just because I'm a Mayhem fan and Bisping can be a classless arrogant dick at times but his post fight speech was pure class, hopefully he'll keep it up n then get his title shot after Munoz/sonnen. Phone Post

Yeah I agree he was a gentleman after. Also, props for not gassing as hard and actually showing up to fight more than 1 round.

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This is how i feel about it.

Evan Shoman
Yo, 1 classy post fight speech does not negate years of disrespect and douchebaggery. Get with it mma fans.


gurf - <blockquote>DanHendersonsAsymetricSmile - good thing you guys are joining the bisping war wagon
bisping MW champ 2012
peoples champ 2011</blockquote>

Don't take it too far buddy...

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Signed, although the UG will still hate Bisping, and sadly i don't think for a second that 100 classy interviews will change it. Phone Post

When he's acting decently, I like him. When he's acting like a douchebag, I don't like him.

Don't be numb nuts guys, chael and Bisping aren't total douchebags. There's a reason why Bisping has been apart of TUF 3 whole damn times and Chael is receiving ALOT more spotlight than other fighters.

Both are normal dudes, just making money Phone Post

He did give a good post fight interview and all. But didn't look like he would pose any threat to Chael or AS... Maybe he should fight Stann.... Phone Post

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Not for me
the guy is still a tool...
all be it a "humble" tool