New restrictions for Ontario

I’m glad the federal government is able to divert some of their medical staff out to Ontario. I hope that helps them out.

I’m not writing this to be an insensitive dick, but the average age of death for Covid has varied from 82 to 84 in most accounts. All these cancer treatments and surgeries postponed are on average for way more younger people. Yet we choose the first over the latter, 13 months in?

To me again, it shouldn’t even be a choice, as it comes to down to total mismanagement of the healthcare system, of the hundreds of billions sprinkled everywhere but barely any in hospitals and old folk homes, certainly not in any way make a true impact. Truly pathetic.


Hang in there, champ!

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The power of saying no.

Restored a little faith back in our police departments.


You’re not being a dick, you’re absolutely correct with a pragmatic approach. It makes zero sense to put things like cancer surgeries on hold. It sounds like politicians running healthcare. Which sounds terrible.

Good luck to all, I hope you guys start getting the care you need.

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bit of a rumour going around that Ford is in bad shape after getting vaccinated. Not sure if true at all but he hasnt been in the public eye at all since.

I don’t want to be a piece of shit but I don’t feel too sorry for him. So I guess I am a piece of shit and I’ll have to live with that while not feeling like shit because I didn’t get an experimental vaccine.

If this is true, it just shows how they can’t be trusted. Hiding truths, pushing for more and more, vaccine passports. Hell I saw articles titled vaccine passports = freedom. Pravda would be proud!

Even for regular vaccines they hide tons of data. I took one dose of Twinrix and had HORRIBLE side effects. Super dead tired for weeks. And I saw so many people posting on forums about this same rotten thing happening to them. And one is supposed to take 3 doses!

Yet not only did they (nurse and then doctor) tried to convince me it was coincidence, my report, after all the waste of time, went into a “private file”, so not even the data shared for math purposes. Science, right? As if naming a drug ‘vaccine’ suddenly makes it perfect. Science LOL

Oh yeah, OG idiots, label me anti-vaxxer, that’s why I got a dose of Twinrix ha ha. Stupid fucking bootlickers. One thing you find the hard way and right away if you have side effects: you’re on your own. Doctors won’t believe you, denial all around. Not even friends and relatives care. Hey, it’s coincidence or normal risk so STFU and accept it.

Fuck Big Pharma! Sure, they can do good things too, and then deserve the profits. But profits remain their main objective. Way too much for them to be trusted like they are.

looking at when this 6 weeks is up its the may long weekend
i hope ppl dont get their hopes up cuz there is no way they will relax this shit for that weekend

im hope im fucking wrong tho

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