New Rich Franklin Interview

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He talks about his nose in the article my good man.

ttt for BJJ phenom and professional MMA journalist Elias "Flow With The Go" Cepeda

You are going to get me killed Yves. lol.

Glad you liked it picks, thanks for the good word.

I knew there was a reason I liked Franklin...He is a fellow Paint Ball player...

For the record...I would absolutely annihilate Rich Franklin at Paint Ball...It wouldn't even be fair...

Just sayin...



114 views in 15 minutes isn't bad at all, but this could use a couple more ttt's.


Thank you, quite nice of you!

nice find

TTT for Rich


That insidefighting site is really coming around lately...I check there daily for news articles, always well written and informative.


On a serious note, I would love to see an interview with the following fighters: Jens Pulver (haven't heard much from him after his loss to Joe Lauzon), Joe Lauzon, Brandon Vera and Andrei Arlovski (on his comeback and his match against Pe de Pano)

Thanks for the kind words. We're certainly trying, and we are in this for the long haul.

As for the suggestions, we touched base briefly with Pulver yesterday, and are trying to get some time with him soon. Same with Lauzon. I want to hear from both guys.

Vera may be a possibility soon, and maybe Arlovski too. Haven't been in contact with those fighters but perhaps soon.

EE, well Pe De Pano certainly won't be a gimme. But I can only guess both guys will be ready for the fight.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry Elias, I am bored at work and this is what happens. I'm editing that comment before someone thinks I'm serious :)

Are there any plans for interviewing fighters from Pride? Josh Barnett always gives great interviews, and with his unique martial arts background and approach to MMA, he would be a very interesting person to interview, in my opinion.

what more do you want Zes, he said Anderson Silva was a better fighter that night. Thats all that you need to know. He is probably just adressing why he didnt look happy go lucky going into the cage.

Yves, don't sweat it bro. Just messing around, I know. Doesn't hurt anyone.

As for Pride fighters, YES! And fighters from all over. It's just harder to get a hold of alot of them than it is UFC fighters sometimes.

Plus, we need to increase the staff of writers to get more content out there. if you really think you have what it takes, the email is

"I didn't feel well that day at all. You never feel well when you are about to fight though. When I wasn't feeling well that day, I just tried to talk to myself normally. But I don't know if I ate something bad the day before or what. It wasn't the weight cut though. The pounds came right off fine. I'm not an excuse maker. The fact of the matter is that Anderson Silva was a better fighter that night and I give him all the credit in the world" maintains Franklin."

Translation: I never feel great on a fight day, I can't say I felt abnormally bad, I have no valid excuse for the loss other than my opponent ramming his knees through my septum.

Rich has always been a class act. Even if he was sick, I don't think he would say anything just because it would sound like an excuse.

Good interview.

Agreed, Rich is a good egg and needs a couple of dominating performanaces to get that xyience aura back again. Plus it will build for a huge match-up vs Silva again.