New rifle

Former OGer Hired Gun has a PC Carbine that he had hydrodipped in white that looks bad ass.

He name it “Race Bannon”

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Miss that lunatic

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To their credit, Ruger also has the best service reputation in the industry.

Their Ruger American rifle line is outstanding for the cost. Their Ruger .556 is also one of the best AR’s for the money. And no one holds a candle to their single action revolvers.

The 10/22 is so damn ugly. I love the look of the pc charger though

Its a goddam classic!


Id really like a 308. Thats on the list

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Does literally nothing for me. I know i csn change it to whatever i want it to look like, but off the rack, just a resounding meh.

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Its a perfect tool.

If your plans do not include putting food on the table and just having fun then I can understand wanting a “cooler” 22.
But if you are assembling a tool kit for an uncertain future you should have an accurized 22 rifle in said toolbox. CZ bolt or the like is also acceptable.
Its a tool.

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The Ruger ARs are fucking terrible to be honest lol. As much as I shit on them, PSA has less abysmal building practices then they do. And you have a better chance of getting a “Wednesday” gun from PSA than you do Ruger. And dont get me started on their bolts and BCGs lol.

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And? I can still want an aesthetically pleasing tool. The hk 416-22 i’d rather have.

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Its beautiful dammit!!!

It will also teach you fundamentals

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So will the 416-22. It makes my heart smile.

The nissan juke is ugly as fuck, will drive you to work and what ever… i still dont want one and want a toyota matrix( corolla im now)

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I’ll get a 10/22 if you help me get a suitable body for it @Mountain_Medic

I have a Ruger Security 9 that I like. Cheap but functional.

Good suggestions.

Where you at @Mountain_Medic?
Lets Go Time GIF by NETFLIX

There’s only about 1200 sites for buying 10/22 chassis.

Start here, since we both know that you’re just looking for someone to do the work for you:

Then when you find one you want, try here:


I asked him, not a cunt.

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Lol, what are you looking for? Takedown? Spaceforce?
What do you like?

Lol, said the dumb ass.

Is there anything you can accomplish without someone doing most of it for you?