New rifle

No idea. That’s why we’re going on an adventure to figure things out.


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After I gave you a pile of information about it.

Suddenly we’re back to me giving you the answer but you being too God damn dumb to get it.

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I didn’t post a bunch of shit here a second ago?

Are you blind or lying?

I’m telling you no, I’m not going to click any of it. Going to chat with @Mountain_Medic about things and use his advice. Yours is not welcome.

Lol, are you really claiming that Midway and Brownells are some kind of bad company? Are you really just that stupid?

It’s an honest question.

Are you that God damn dumb?

You seem to be the one with the reading comprehension problems. I am telling you that any of your advice, no matter what it is, is not welcome. Thanks for stopping by and ruining this thread with your cuntery. I hope you have a horrible weekend and that the pigeons shit all over your 1993 ford escort.

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Don’t fight girls. Im sick and doped up, nobody is getting anything from me tonight lol


All the easier to take advantage.

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Growing up quite a few friends had a mini 14 in their family.

These days I would like to have one to have a semi auto that looks like a well a ranch rifle.

Prices do seem too high as mentioned.

What is the strategy for getting one these days ? Buy new or try to find an older model ?


The reason that I’m viciously mocking you is that you’ve asked numerous gun questions in the past that I have answered. Even though you have been wrong every time, I’ve tried to help time and time again. Remember when you were asking about the Eastwood revolver and claimed that I was wrong to spite the fact that every other piece of information you posted said the same thing I did?

It’s funny that you openly hijack the thread and then get pissy when I call you on it. I’m sorry that your family has to deal with you.

Here are the pics of literally the only numbers i see on the ruger…

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Ok, yep. That’s one of the older style ones. .223 Remington is the one to shoot with that one.

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So only 223 right?

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Yep. Only .223.

You may be able to cheat with 5.56 but I don’t know that I would. 5.56 is the very definition of a cunt hair too long. That’s ok with some guns but with others, it’s just enough to get the round seated perfectly for an out of battery detonation. That has the potential to be way way bad so it’s not really worth trying when .223 is so plentiful and fairly cheap.

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I agree. I have hundreds of 223 rounds. I have like 100 556 rounds.

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Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
(Manufactured from 1982 - 2004)
Caliber: 222 Rem, 223 Rem
Beginning Serial Number: Years of Production:
187-00001 1982
187-02611 1983
187-13218 1984
187-27226 1985
187-50919 1986

-------------Looks like possibly a 1985 to 1986 produced rifle ?


That is more infobthsn i could ever find on my owm

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Here are thw numbers on the savage.

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Willie’s a smart dude that’s been involved with guns for a long long while. He’s straight up too. If he doesn’t know a thing, he says so. If he isn’t sure about something, he’ll say that too.

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