New Ronin MMA Site is up!

The brand new Ronin Mixed Martial Arts website has just been launched. The Address is

A lot of hard work and time has been put into this project and I can say that I am very happy with it and there is more to come. The website is 90 % finished and in the following week(s) it should be perfectly complete. Updates will happen on regular bases and if anyone out there wants to sponser the gym or link to us or their website, please contact us on the website.

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this (my models at ronin lol)..enjoy!

LOOKS AWESOME! Way to go, your hard work has paid off, it looks beautifull!


Real cool...good job guys.

nice lookin' website, very flashy

This is a very nice site.

TTT for Ronin....

Team Tompkins

Very nice!

Nice website

Site is looking good, very money.

See you guys on monday night.


LOL Damien in his shooting stance LMAO his face looks so funny *stops laughing*
I love you guys, nice site

congratulations, guys. the web site is really nice. good luck to all.

Damien has a funny face period.

All of the above posts are completely true!

Love the new site, btw.

check the news section guys, new tourney!

Great Job Alan.