New roof … big bucks

Got quotes back for new roof on the house I inherited when Dad passed 2 years ago.6500 sq ft. But three stories so the roof footprint is not too huge but steep slope. Best scenario is over 25K. 20 year medium cost GAF shingles - most likely longer than I will live and definitely longer than I will live in this house. Plus another 6K to the bat remediation guy - they have gotten in over and under the sunporch. That’s gotta be ripped out, sanitized, new insulation and sealed. Real estate mavens … will I recoup some of that when I sell this house in the near future? I hope so, don’t plan on being here more than maybe a year, year and a half tops.



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Got any pictures of the house?

You can’t see the lower story because the yard is sloped.


Fuck. Sorry amigo

Get more quotes. It sounds like you are getting raped.


We had our roof reshingled last year. House, garage, and an well house that had maybe 100’ of shingles. We upgraded the shingles (old shingles in the photo), and needed 64 squares. Tore off old shingles, repaired some bad decking. All together, ours was just under $25k.

We had a hail storm come through, and it damaged some old shingles. So our homeowner’s insurance paid a big chunk of the cost.


So I guess the 25 is not out of line then. Beautiful place you have there!

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The roof price doesn’t seem crazy in Canadian prices. Not sure about the bats in the belfry- seems high, but that could be a hellish job.

In terms of recouping, I think you’d lose a lot more than that total cost on resale if buyers were aware of the bat issue.

Where spunq to give us some imagery for this bat appropriate thread?!

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25k is cheap. I’ve had my roof replaced 3x in the last 12 years due to hail.


Please note, are you talking about putting a layer of new shingles over an existing layer? Or are you talking about a complete tear-off and new shingles? You can put a layer of shingles over ONE existing layer (that is much less expensive). If you already have two layers of shingles you need to do a complete tear-off, and will probably need some new plywood sheets laid down. That is more expensive.

Get more quotes, I suspect you are getting fucked.

My 2000 sq ft 2 story split, basically main level 4/12 gable and upper opposing direction 4/12 gable was $9500 3 years ago but the provider the insurance company reccomended was $13500… cost me less to take the buyout and pay the $9500 vs insurance at 40% due to age of shingles and the rest to the roofer. Roofers rape insurance companies and insurance companies rape us with prorated coverage for roof age but no prrated premium for less coverage. Fucking racket…

Complete tear off. Replace all the flashing. Boots around pipes. Seal around Chimney, etc.

The reason the bat remediation is expensive is the Sun porch used to be a deck until Dad closed it in, so they have to tear out and replace the roof of the porch and the “ceiling” of the patio that is under the deck. Plus it runs the whole length of the back of the house. The insulation has to go, the sheeting and the ceiling of the patio. Anywhere there was guano or urine or it won’t pass inspection. That stuff can make you very ill. He is also going to seal every crevice where they might be getting in. They only need a hole like quarter sized. I am finding piles of droppings. I put up “bat funnels” that they are supposed to come out of but not be able to get back in but they found other areas to enter.

Probably not overpriced for what is needed. I mean it is, but not by today’s inflated rates.

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Just been a while since I’ve done one. I was thinking 18-20 K. I have to do it if I’m gonna sell this house though and I do not need another house.

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Nice house bun

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I’m sure the bat guy will have a plan, but wouldn’t hurt to ask him to line any seam with sturdy screening before covering it up

He is going to do that. Surprisingly, they have to use copper mesh because the bats will tear out regular screen or wire. He has been in the “bat business” for like 20 years and seems to know what he is doing. He’s former LEO too. Now he takes care of all kinds of pests. Got foxes out from under one of my friends decks. Sort of “Billy the Exterminator” but normal looking except for his bat tattoos, LOL.

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I paid $3k for that a few months ago. Only one entrance, though they went around the rest of the house to seal potential entrances.

Worth it though it would be good to have bats near the property, just not living in the same house lol

My roof just turned 20 years old this year. Not looking forward to the estimates. Hoping for a small tornado in the near future.

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