new rule:if u test + once u can test + 1000x after

isnt that the logical extrapolation of the new bones jones rule?

that is, if you do roids and get busted, you can can continue to get popped an infinite number of times in the future so long as you keep your levels below a certain picogram threshold and it will be dismissed as a residual pulsating effect of the original use no matter how far in the past it was?

so in summary:

  1. do roids

  2. blame supplements/dick pills

  3. continue microdosing + masking for the rest of your career


Good for future fighters.  Get in trouble once for a lifetime of free passes.

Carogan -

lol!!  I made an exact same post on this yesterday too. Not that I mind you posting this too ;-)

Lol.  Also i guess jones shouldnt have been popped in the first place since he was at the same level the first time so we cant prove he didnt ingest the banned substance years and years ago?

so, fail a test early in career...serve suspension or claim UNINTENTIONAL


Brilliant UFC USADA and rest of corrupt fuks

Jon Jones your way thru MMA

You mean kinda how they allow Cyborg a masking agent as a TUE?

Yeah, UFC and USADA are crooked as fuck.