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New SBG Productions Video Series, available for pre-orders.

Advanced BJJ series #2 featuring Bob Bass & Rick Williams!

DVD #1: Half Guard Bottom Game:

A modern BJJ player would dig the half guard bottom attacks for virtually every position your opponent could be in on this DVD, including sweeps when your opponent stands, kneels, or has you flattened; in addition to muscle locks, collar chokes, and kimura details from the bottom. Bob and Rick also cover offensive positions from the ½ guard, attacking different versions of single leg reversals, as well as control and attacks out of the underhook/belt control position.

DVD #2: Half Guard Top Game:

Highlights include: Three goals for controlling half guard top, and use of the whizzer to control. Recovering your leg when your opponent gets an underhook, tries to get your back, or sweeps you. Passing using the cross face, underhooks, double underhooks, and/or both arms over their body. Pummeling from half guard top. Various collar chokes, and details and use of the kimura and kneebar are discussed too.

DVD #3: BJJ Takedowns and Open Guard Sweeps:

(This could have been two DVD's)

Rick and Bob draw on their wrestling experiences to show unique gi applications of the two-on-one, duck-unders, arm drags, single and double legs, snap downs, lowering levels, as well as getting rid of your opponents grips and killing their arms.

On the Open Guard section Rick and Bob discuss the different guard recovery methods and control points when an opponent is both standing and on his knees. Then they then go into various sweeps depending on how the opponent tries to pass or defend, as well as submissions that include muscle locks, triangles, and the oma plata.

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Here is a review of DVD #1 we recieved:

Review of DVD #1:
Bob Bass and Rick Williams Half Guard DVD 1: Half Guard Bottom Game

Run Time: 50 minutes

The following techniques, concepts, and ideas are presented in the following order:

Bass first goes over countering guard passes by going to half guard, and then shows a simple bridge sweep when your opponent cross faces. Some of the sweeps on this DVD are very simple, yet they are missing from my game because I sometimes make the mistake of trying to develop solutions that are more exotic than they need to be.

Williams then goes into a closed half guard series that compliments Marcelo Garica's X-guard tape wonderfully (I consider the X-guard and open guard version of the half guard). Rick's series here is based off when his opponent stands up or is kneeling; similar to how Saulo plays. Rick covers disrupting base, sweeps, and taking the back from here...and more importantly the concepts and thought processes behind each move. I haven't seen too many instructors besides Matt Thornton who break down concepts as well as Williams. Lots of instructors can show you the mechanics behind moves, but Rick covers his strategy and thinking behind each move as well.

Next, Bass discusses single leg attacks from the half guard (where he has a leg trapped with both his legs and arms). Bob shows a sweet chain of 3 moves depending on how his opponent counters. Later in the tape Rick shows a variation single leg attack from here as well.

Williams goes on to cover an underhook position where you control the belt (similar to a seatbelt in wrestling). He covers weight control, and disrupting your opponets base and balance from this position.

Bass shows a sweep counter for when your opponent gets his knee free from his single leg half guard position, as well as taking the back from the half guard single off of a fake.

Rick demonstrates the hows and whys of the kimura from the half guard, and a sweep I've heard about but never seen taught when you opponent tries to counter the kimura. Very nice! Moving along, he goes into an unseen series where he dives both his hand under his opponents untrapped leg for a muscle lock/sweep combination. Wow! I know both Bob and Rick personally, and my hunch is they came up with a lot of these moves (or unseen modifications) themselves. This one I'm sure came from the mind of Williams. Lastly, Rick covers another unseen sweep where he ducks his head and overhooks the far leg.

Bob Bass shows his version of a the belt controlled underhook, showing a collar choke, and a move where you can sweep with collar control. Bob then ties in all of his previously shown positions together, which gives the viewer a nice over view.

Rick covers more techniques, but this time he approaches the half guard when your opponent is fully committed to standing up, showing how to take the back a different way than he did at the start of the tape.

Bob shows how to recover to butterfly guard from a locked half guard, and using a hook to do two sweeps, one of which is a cross face counter.

The last series is based off of when your opponent has you flat with two arms over your body. Rick first shows how to defend the pass from here, and then how to take the back and/or sweep. Bob shows a variation of this combination suited for smaller BJJ players.

One of the beauties of having Bob and Rick both demonstrating their games is that Rick is a lot bigger than Bob, so you get to see how they make small modifications from the same positions based on their size and weight. This helps me be more creative in my own thinking, and not be so dependent on my coaches for answers.

Overall, I love this DVD!

I didn't realize I had so many holes in my game! I started using one of the moves instantly without even drilling it and have been having some good success. I would have placed a few of the series in different places on the tape. Things seemed to jump around a little. The chapter selection didn't seem to have too much rhyme or reason as well. This potential problem can be cured by note taking, or using these notes here, so it isn't a huge deal. Also, these DVD's have small interview segments like in Bass and Williams #1-12, and I enjoy those so that was cool. I'll get to reviewing the other two DVD's in the set later this week hopefully.

Cool! Damn, that reminds me that I still have to get the first set!

I almost got Thornton's back tuesday using a concept I learned from these 1/2 guard videos. Unfortunately for me Big Poppa wised up to my scheme, got on top, and tapped my ass out...=(

I never had a back attack from the 1/2 half guard until I got these DVD's. I get almost everyone's back now. No joke. Check em out...


Do they come packaged in a DVD case with a graphic???

Where can I place my order for the DVDs? I am from Germany.

Hey Matt,

Marc here from Rodneys gym... is there any way we can order without
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another guy outside the USA who would like to order!

singles and series now avaialable on line athe sbgi online store.


Marc, I am out of the State for awhile, but we juust got the vids on the e-store. So you can order through there, or give Molly an e-mail at:

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Thx for that...

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Just sent in my order - yinz guyz need to offer FedEx overnight shipping, I'll pay the price! *rubbing hands together in gleeful anticipation*

Someone please review the open guard dvd.

I will review it as soon as I get my grubby little hands on it.

JeffR- I think they will arrive very very soon ;)

"Do they come packaged in a DVD case with a graphic???"
GrdStorm- The first batch has cases, after that we're back to sleeves.

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