New SBGi DVD featuring Singers!

SBGi Productions presents:
The Singer Brothers
HaRdCoRe Training dvd!

"Looking for MMA drills, you have come to the right dvd."

SBG Productions is proud to present this brand new DVD release. Adam & Rory Singer are the Head Coaches for the Hardcore Gym in Athens Georgia. A Gym that has produced athletes that have fought in pro Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Submission wrestling events. In addition they are long time Coaches and two of only six Regional Directors with Straight Blast Gym International worldwide. For the first time ever they, along with much of the SBGi family, are offering a host of drills and training methods for MMA, and functional self defense training. This DVD includes:

-The classic 5-minute full body warm up.

-All the fine points of the Muay Thai neck clinch, including counters, use and defense for elbows to the face, stopping the takedown with it, moving a larger, stronger opponent, and many counters to the position; including but not limited to the pop and drive, bump and run, sliding bodylock, underhook, and use in the corner, or against a fence.

-The forgotten five combinations of boxing, and their use in MMA. Including various forms of Alive drills for training them.

- Use and structure of the short rear power punch.

- The Art of counterpunch, including many Alive drills in the ring, and on the mat. This section also includes the skip cross, firing off the cover, and proper use, and drills for a counter jab.

- The non-telegraphic Thai kick, designed for MMA. And how to avoid or stop the double leg when using this kick.

- Non-attached CLINCH boxing DRILLS. Including a great section by Paul "Desnudo" Sharp on clinch versus striking. Use of the inside elbow strikes, the dirty headbutt, and handfighting inside.

- Freestyle Thai Pad work for MMA or kickboxing competition. (no set patterns!)

- The whizzer series. A must know for every MMA fighter, or individual serious about personal self defense. Including the set ups, sweeps, throws, strikes, and use off the fence or in the corner.

- A series of corner drills progressions for the fence or ring, or when trapped against a wall.

- Lots of ring/cage drills, including cutting of the ring, getting out of the corner safely, and use of the ropes.

- The front head lock series, and its use against a boxer.

-TONS of LIVE sparring with the SBGi athletes. All followed, or joined with Adam Singers expert commentary on what's happening, and what's being attempted.

This DVD is almost TWO HOURS in length, and is a must see for anyone series about Alive, athletic, functional skill in a non fantasy based delivery system!

It features: Adam "Homer" Singer, Rory "cheeky" Singer, Paul "desnudo" Sharp, Paul "" Myatovich, Dan "killer bee" Ancheta, Forest "nephalim" Griffen, Jerry "dr J" Wetzel, Chad "the champ" Angelocci, and Aaron "pimp daddy" Little.

Holiday special only 29.

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We appreciate your support, have a great Holiday Season.

Just ordered them. I'll post a review when they arrive.



And my SBGI membership saved me the cost of shipping! Sweeeet!

Never heard of them.

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I placed an order. The shipping price seemed a bit high though. If
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I remember seeing a clip posted on this forum of the Singers Brohers awhile back .Was it this DVD or was it something else???

Yes. This is it.

How about someone posting it again....come on it's the holiday season you know

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would love to order it but the shipping to canada is almost as much as the dvd. is there a less expensive way to ship it?

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We are working on the shipping costs right now. Check back in a few days.

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Seems my old coach had something right... The whizzer really is that much of a utility..

"We are working on the shipping costs right now."

Will shipping to the UK come down?


Thanks for the break in the shipping costs Adam. I just placed my order.


You can thank Fernando, our webmaster for that. He took care of that asap.

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