New SBGi purple belt

Congrats to Gunnar Ludvik Nelson, I awarded him a purple belt last week in Iceland. Gunni is coming off an impressive MMA cage debut in Denmark where he was sent in as a "stepping stone" for a well known Danish fighter. The fight was scored a draw, but anyone watching the tape can see Gunni clearly won. There are two top Jits athletes from SBGi to really keep an eye on in Scandanavia. One is Thomas Lacour in Denmark who is an amazing fighter and great guy. And the second is Gunni. The Iceland Gym should be proud.


Also congrats to:

Audur Olga Skuladottir (blue, 3 stipes)
Solveig Sigurdardottir (blue, 2 stipes)
Silja Bjork Baldursdottir (blue)
Ingthor Orn Valdimarsson (blue)

And much thanks to SBG Coach Karl Tanswell for his help at the event!

Awesome job guys!


Mjollnir kicks arse.

Big congratulations!!!