New SBGi Website

Hi guys

Please check out the new website that I built for Straight Blast Gym:

Also of note, SBG now has their own forum here! Click on the General
category to your left and you will see it.


Very nice! Mad web skills


I hate customs charges.... you don't sell any of their dvds, do you Mike?


BB: Not currently but I am going to ask him about that.

I know that they are very aware of the extra charges and molly, who
looks after the video sales, does what she can to minimize them.


Very nice!!!

Pete Tremblay
Total Fitness Martial arts.

P.S. Mike, thanks again for the tour.... A very multi- talented guy. What can't you do????(I owe you one.)

SBGi!!! SBGi!!! SBGi!!!

actually i know that if they get a gst number and charge gst they can reduce some if not all the costs of coming across the boarder

also putting a lower value on the items lowers the costs too