New School 10th Planet San Mateo

Hey guys I am going to be opening up a 10th Planet Affiliate school in San Mateo, CA. For those of you that don't know me my name is Adam "Big Red" Sachnoff some of my accomplishments include ADCC NA trials 1st place in 2012, 2010 IBJJF Blue Belt NOGI worlds 1st place, 2011 IBJJF Purple Belt NOGI worlds 3rd Place. Gracie Worlds and Nationals 2012 1st place. Here is a video of my my competition footage. 

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Thanks for your time and sorry for the spam

This is going to be an awesome school. Anybody in the area should check it out!

jude099 -

damn, good luck. Just moved from there to Walnut Creek and am trying 10th Planet WC tonight LOL.

Right on. You will be in great hands, alex canders is a great instructor. Phone Post 3.0