New School In El Paso

I am opening up my Jiu-Jitsu school in El Paso, Tx on the first of May. I am a two stripe purple belt from Phil Cardella, and Relson Gracie,and level 2 combatives. I have trained all over the country and been to Brazil. It is going to be on 3117 McRae #A, close to Ft Bliss on the east side. My #915-633-3110.

Please feel free to call for info.

Classes will be Gi, and No Gi.

if anyone trains with DJ, just do a fist to the throat and you will submitt him....LOL

Whats up bro how you been?

Got a black eye courtesey of phil(during training)yesterday. all my cutsomers were like wtf

Congrats on the school and for everyone else I RECOMMEND AND VOUCH FOR DJ JUST LIKE I DID PHIL CARDELLA

Just ordered the new mats.


nice job brother, thats awesome. congrats. SHon will be happy too. I'll be there in 11 months! later.