New scoring system??

What do you y'all think about the proposed scoring system?
I think testing it in amateur circuits would be a little flawed because they don't have the technology an organization like the UFC has. Such as the ability to accurately track punches thrown.
But I think it has potential.
What say you? Phone Post 3.0

I dont like the riding time points.
2 points per 30 sec of holding down opponent. They already get 2 points for the td.

That just promotes lay n pray Phone Post 3.0

I am concerned that the new system was diff in 20% of decisions. They areĀ  not wrong 20% of the time.

Not needed. They just need better judges and give them the ability to use monitors at ringside to guarantee they see the majority of the action. Phone Post 3.0

Ugh! Points for holding down? Are they trying to completely ruin mma?