New Shaolin DVD is good!!!!

This is a 3 DVD set and it has some very good stuff on every dvd including fights and like a documentary following him around Brazil.

Get it at:

It costs money? boo


Nah it's free if you let him choke you out until night night!!!


Looking forward to the set !


Einux is good to know that you are ignorant enough to think that one lose in all those fights vs. top fighters do not make you a great potential for a dvd instructional.

You can only wish you could have a resume half as good as Shaolin has.


By the way buy the DVD maybe you'll lean a thing or 2.

Carlao: is everything worked out? When can I see you? :)

I dont know Einux, but I hate motherfuckers that do that.

This thread is about something positive, and these dumbasses still think its 1998 and they are the first to post a witty picture of the guy losing on a thread about how good he is or a video he's released.

Maybe when one has accomplished 1/80th of what Shaolin has, we can get them a special purple name and they can talk all the shit they want.

andre is correct.

Some people just aren't nice sometimes...:)

"Maybe when one has accomplished 1/80th of what Shaolin has, we can get them a special purple name and they can talk all the shit they want."

well, einux has never lost as a black belt and won in the tennessee shooto so I guess he has the right to talk trash about shaolin.

really woundn't expect this from a green name.

I was fortunate to meet and train with Shaolin during his Canadian seminar tour. Not only is he a great fighter but hes a great coach too (and a GREAT sense of humor) and I can't wait to check out this set!

Carlao, see why its nice to be good to people? I have your back and agree that Shaolin is an awsome fighter and he probably has a great instructional set. You mortally wounded me the other day on that thread....Your old friend, Gerald

:-( Sorry for hurting your feeling Gerald.  I hope everything is well.


ZeSaku- The DVD is 3 parts, 3 DVD's.  One is only for BJJ with the gi, it has some of his best matches with the gi.  The sencond Dimention of Shaolin is Submission Wrestling and at the end same thing.  The 3rd and last is for MMA and it has a pretty cool documentary on his training in Brazil.

First of all I never said one loss would mean he shouldn't be able to do a DVD lol. Shaolin is a great fighter, and I am sure I would buy the DVD (if I bought instructionals, its not really the same as getting to actually train with the guy)

BUT I will be man enough to apologize (and take the pics down)

btw Carlao. I have nothing on Shaolin, and will more than likley never live up to the kind of fighter Shaolin is. Just thought it would be a good time to post some pics of one of my hero's ;)


So can you guys get your panties out of a wad now?


Also JCT, nice dude. But untill you train with someone who made a PRO mma debut at 17 (and won btw) you don't have anything on me.

PS.  Carlao is Shaolin ever going to do some seminars in the US?  I would say Jacare or ATT (as Im sure you know lol) would be happy to host for him. 



for everyone besides Carlao (who I can understand why he would take offence)




i thought it was funny.don't take things so seriously.

oh and Rory, please don't call me an ass. I did try to help out Forrest and you've met me before in case you don't remember.